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Ltr1-13: K-3 CSR

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
July 25, 2013

Dear County Superintendents of Schools:


This apportionment, in the amount of $540,573,384, is made from funds provided in Section 91 of Senate Bill (SB) 1016 (Chapter 38, Statutes of 2012), in support of the Kindergarten and Grades One through Three Class Size Reduction (K–3 CSR) Program.

The county superintendents of schools were notified of this apportionment by e-mail which was sent to their CDEfisc e-mail addresses. The California Department of Education (CDE) requested that the e-mail be forwarded to the school districts and charter schools in the county, and included the link to this letter and the apportionment schedule which are posted on the CDE Web page at under fiscal year 2013–14.

Direct-funded and locally funded charter schools that applied for the K–3 CSR Program on their own behalf are listed separately on the apportionment schedule. Funding for locally funded charter schools that did not apply on their own behalf is included in the authorizing entity’s entitlement if that entity included the charter school’s data on its 2012–13 FormJ‑7CSR.

Only those school districts and charter schools that applied for fiscal year 2008–09 funding by January 31, 2009, are eligible to receive 2012–13 program funds. Their funding is capped by the number of classes they applied for on their 2008–09 K–3 CSR Operations Applications.

The apportionment for each school district or charter school is based on actual enrollment in participating classes as submitted on the Form J‑7CSR, less any amounts received in the September 2012 Advance Apportionment and February 2013 Provisional Apportionment. Funds are apportioned at $1,071 per pupil in an Option 1 class (full day), and at $535 per pupil in an Option 2 class (half day).

Some school districts and charter schools submitted their Form J-7CSR in a manner that could not be processed. Those entities that did not submit a certified revision to the CDE by Thursday, June 20, 2013, are not included in this apportionment. The affected school districts and charter schools must ensure that a revised certified 2012–13 Form J-7CSR is received by CDE by February 14, 2014 in order to receive funding in the Revised Final Apportionment scheduled for April 2014, and avoid having their 2012–13 funding recovered.

This apportionment also includes recoveries for 2011–12 K–3CSR Program funds that were overpaid to school districts and charter schools based on submission of revised final claim forms. As a result of these recoveries, the net final payment is $540,318,798.

Warrants will be mailed to each county treasurer approximately four weeks from the date of this Notice. For standardized account code structure coding, use Resource Code 1300, Class Size Reduction, Grades K–3, and Revenue Object Code 8434, Class Size Reduction, GradesK–3.

If you have any questions regarding the K–3 CSR Program or this payment, please contact Rebecca Lee, Fiscal Consultant, Categorical Allocations and Management Assistance Office, by phone at 916‑324‑4533 or by e-mail at



Jeannie Oropeza, Deputy Superintendent
Services for Administration, Finance, Technology, and Infrastructure Branch

Last Reviewed: Thursday, January 15, 2015

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