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Program Questions:

Downloading Questions: School Turnaround Office, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0833.

Document Description
Application Deadline Reminder
(Posted 05-Mar-2007)
A letter mailed to superintendents on March 5, 2007 reminding them of the QEIA application deadline.
Invitation to Apply
(Posted 08-Feb-2007)

The letter mailed to superintendents of eligible schools that contains general information and instructions.

Guidance and Application (DOC)

This document includes an overview of QEIA, eligibility and timelines, and general guidelines for developing the application. This RFA includes appendices A, B and C. Applications are due March 30, 2007.

Alternative Application Scoring Criteria
(DOC; 20-Mar-2007)
Describes the scoring standards for alternative applications.
Schools Eligible for the QEIA (XLS; 20-Mar-2007)
A list of 1,455 schools eligible for the QEIA.
Random Draw Results (XLS; 13-Apr-2007) A district list of schools selected in the random draw that occurred on Friday, April 13, 2007.
Funding Results A list of the first and second apportionment schedules of schools approved for QEIA funding by the State Board of Education at the May 2007 Board Meeting (Item 42).

QEIA Timeline
(Posted 03-Jan-2007)

Contains a tentative timeline for the QEIA application process, review and selection of participants, and technical assistance.

QEIA PowerPoint Presentation (PPT)

Accessible Alternative Version of QEIA PowerPoint Presentation


This technical assistance document was presented to eligible applicants on the following dates in 2007:
  • February 13 - San Diego
  • February 14 - Sacramento
  • February 15 - Fresno
Senate Bill 1133 External link opens in new window or tab.
(Chapter 751, Statutes of 2006)
The chaptered legislation authorizing the QEIA. This page will open in a new window.
Proposed Rulemaking & Regulations
Contains specific information about QEIA regulations.

Certifications and Assurances



Drug-Free Workplace
CDE-100DF (Aug-2005)

Certification for state or federal grants. Download, complete, sign, and submit the certification with the application.
General Assurances
CDE-100A (Revised May-2011)
Required for grants supported by state or federal funds. The signed grant application submitted to the CDE confirms a commitment to comply with the general assurances.

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