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Funding Results

School Improvement Grant

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

School Improvement Grant (SIG) 2010-11 award recipients in ascending order. Sixty applications were received and 41 districts were awarded funds on behalf of 92 schools. Nineteen districts shown at the bottom of this page were not funded.
Click on the local educational agency (LEA) name to view the approved application in Portable Document Format (PDF). Files sizes are shown for files greater than or equal to 1 Megabyte (MB).

District totals represent the total amount awarded for a three year period. The total awarded was $412,668,741. LEAs will receive an award notification for each funding year (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13) reflecting the approved award amount. The Excel version (XLS) of this file contains 2010-11 district and school awards with County-District-School (CDS) Codes.

DNCES = District National Center for Education Statistics. A unique 7 digit identifier established by the US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics. The first 2 digits identify the state and the last 5 identify the district.

SNCES = School National Center for Education Statistics. A unique 5 digit identifier established by the US Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics.

When combined the two codes comprise a unique 12 digit code for each school.

Asterisks (**) indicate the LEA's funding level is shown above in the row showing the LEA's first listed school.

The approved applications and revised pages are posted on the SIG Regional Pages, which can be accessed from the SIG Index page. To view the unapproved applications use the linked LEA name in the Funded LEAs table. LEAs are permitted to revise any portion of their application at any time, subject to approval. However, the new use of the funds must target the same need identified in the approved application and the revision cannot compromise the LEA's ability to implement any required element of the selected model(s).

Budgets and Narratives

To view the desired document select the link in the row of the desired school or LEA.

Program Questions: Jen Taylor, e-mail:, tel. 916-445-1256

Fiscal Questions: Kevin Donnelly, e-mail:, tel. 916-324-3278

Funded LEAs (41)



LEA Total

0601620 ABC Unified $3,728,249
0635360 Adelante Charter
0602430 Alvord Unified $5,617,728
0602820 Antelope Valley Union $10,425,777
0691136 Aromas/San Juan Unified
0606720 Buttonwillow Union $1,391,529

Chualar Union Elem.

0609070 Coachella Valley Unified
0612880 Escondido Union Elementary $5,001,999
0613920 Fontana Unified $5,795,000
0614550 Fresno Unified $14,000,000
0616080 Greenfield Union Elem. $4,670,913
0616740 Hayward Unified $16,132,553
0634320 King-Chavez Arts Academy $3,994,977
0620220 La Honda-Pescadero $2,318,983
0620760 Lakeside Union Elementary
0621870 Lindsay Unified $2,807,304

Los Angeles Unified

0624090 Marysville Joint Unified $5,000,000
0624230 McFarland Unified
0625530 Monterey Peninsula Unified $16,000,000
0625800 Moreno Valley Unified $1,523,916
0626370 Mt. Diablo Unified
0628050 Oakland Unified $8,464,859
0629490 Pajaro Valley Unified
0629580 Palmdale Elementary $11,339,793
0631320 Pomona Unified $16,000,000

Ravenswood City Elem.

0691026 Riverside COE $5,445,458
0634170 San Bernardino City Unified
0634320 San Diego Unified $3,999,998
0634410 San Francisco Unified $44,673,413
0634620 San Juan Unified $3,633,523
0634710 San Lorenzo Unified
0635310 Santa Ana Unified $35,000,000
0636330 Semitropic Elementary
0637050 Soledad Unified
0631860 Stanford New School

Twin Rivers Unified

0641400 Wasco Union Elementary
0632550 West Contra Costa Unified $4,000,000

Non-Funded LEAs (19)

0602220 Alta Vista Elementary (PDF; 1MB)
0604110 Bassett Unified (PDF)
0606570 Burton Elementary (PDF; 4MB)
0634320 The Charter School of San Diego (PDF; 1MB)
0609620 Compton Unified (PDF; 1MB)
0611280 Dixon Unified (PDF; 2MB)
0612090 El Monte City Elem. (PDF)
0612330 Elk Grove Unified (PDF; 2MB)
0614730 Fullerton Elementary (PDF)
0619440 Keppel Union Elem. (PDF; 36MB)
0619650 King City Jt. Union High (PDF; 2MB)
0620850 Lamont Elementary (PDF; 99MB)
0620880 Lancaster Elementary (PDF; 11MB)
0691078 Los Angeles COE (PDF; 5MB)
0625470 Montebello Unified (PDF; 39MB)
0629910 Parlier Unified (PDF; 6MB)
0633840 Sacramento City Unified (PDF; 4MB)
0638010 Stockton Unified (PDF; 21MB)
0643020 Woodlake Union Elementary (PDF; 3MB)

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