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Lep Student Subgrant Direct Funded App Letter

California Department of Education
Official Letter
California Department of Education
Official Letter
February 27, 2012

Dear Select Charter School Administrators:


Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), Title III, Part A, the California Department of Education (CDE) provides formula subgrant awards to local educational agencies (LEAs) that enroll one or more English learner (EL) students. Title III funds are to be used to provide supplementary programs and services to EL students. Based on the data reported in the 2012 Pupil Estimates for New or Significantly Expanding Charters Report, your LEA has been scheduled for a Title III Limited English Proficient (LEP) Student Subgrant in 2012–13. The per-pupil allocation in 2012–13 is $105.69. LEAs scheduled to receive a subgrant greater than $10,000 must apply via the Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS).

If you wish to participate in the Title III LEP Student Subgrant Program in 2012–13, you must complete the online CARS application on or before January 25, 2013. For more information and to access CARS go to the CDE Consolidated Application and Reporting Web page at For LEP program information, LEA eligibility amounts, a list of eligible LEAs and program assurances please visit the CDE Title III LEP Request for Applications Web page at (this Web address is no longer valid, please contact Patty Stevens at 916-323-5838 or by email at for further information).

Once the application cycle closes for New and Significantly Expanding Charter Schools, Title III grantee entitlements, apportionments, and schedules will be posted on the CDE No Child Left Behind Title III, Immigrant and LEP Programs Web page at Please note if you elect to participate you must adhere to strict program requirements such as submitting regular reports. LEAs that do not apply by the deadline will need to wait until the 2013–14 funding cycle to apply for Title III funding.

If you have any questions regarding the Title III LEP consortium application process, please contact Patty Stevens, Associate Governmental Programs Analyst, Language Policy and Leadership Office, by phone at 916-323-5838 or by e-mail at



Lupita Cortez Alcalá, Deputy Superintendent
Instruction and Learning Support Branch


cc:       English Learner Program Contact
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, September 9, 2015
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