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Request for Applications

Migrant Education Program

Note: The due date for the request for applications has passed. This page is for reference and administration of funding.

Pursuant to the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) of 2001, Title 1, Part C, the purpose of the Migrant Education Program ensures that all students meet the challenging state academic standards. Funding through the application process supports 22 regional offices to provide supplementary education and support services to migrant children. Funds are determined using an approved CDE funding formula.

Program Questions: Celina Torres, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0230

Downloading Questions: Ralph Miranda, Migrant Education Office, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0778

Region Office
Document Description
Application to be completed by a Migrant Education Region Office.
Instructions for completing the Migrant Education Regional Application.


District Service Agreement
Document Description
2013-14 Local Educational Agency (LEA) Needs Assessment and 2012-13 Program Evaluation Completion Guide (DOC) Reference source on how to complete these two assessments.
2013-14 LEA Needs Assessment and
2012-13 Program Evaluation Forms
The Needs Assessment and Evaluation is designed to support the development of the Fiscal Year 2013–14 District Service Agreement (DSA) and to evaluate the effectiveness of migrant student services provided in fiscal year 2012–13.

DSA Application Instructions (DOC; 2MB)

Information and instructions to complete the DSA application.
DSA Application Template (DOC; 1MB)
To be completed by the LEA that provides migrant student instructional services. Submit the completed application and the required documents to the Migrant Education Program Regional Director.
Migrant Education Program Legal Assurances and Certifications - English (PDF) | Spanish (PDF) An applicant shall sign and return these Legal Assurances and Certifications with the application as a condition for funding consideration.
General Assurances
(Posted May 2012)
An applicant in receipt of grant funding, whether the funds are state or federal monies shall download and retain these assurances on file for compliance reviews, complaints investigations, or audits.

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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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