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Program Questions:

Downloading Questions: Education Technology Office, e-mail:, tel. 916-323-5715

Eligibility Verification
Document Description
Competitive Eligibility Requirements Detailed information about the eligibility requirements
District Eligible Schools Listing
(XLS; 85KB; 8pp)
Listing of eligible district and direct-funded charter schools
Technology Plan Requirement
Document Description
District Technology Plan Status

A current state-approved LEA technology plan is required to receive EETT funding. Visit this site to check the technology plan status of a county, district, or direct-funded charter school

CTAP Technology Plan Coordinators Please contact your CTAP coordinator for assistance in developing, revising, and uploading a technology plan for state level approval
Application Information
Document Description
EETT Competitive Round 9 Letter An EETT C letter from the CDE Deputy Superintendent of the Assessment and Accountability Branch to eligible superintendents announcing the posting of the Round 9 RFA and providing general information and instructions about applying for Round 9 grants
Request for Applications
(DOC; 860KB; 56pp.)
EETT C Round 9 request for applications from districts and direct funded charter schools serving grades four through eight
Note: Applications are due at the CDE on February 1, 2011, by 5 p.m.
Additional Information
Document Description
Frequently Asked Questions for EETT Competitive Grants pertaining to the application, eligibility, technology plans, and private schools

Indirect Cost Rate

Information about Indirect Cost Rates

EETT Competitive Reporting Forms
Required Reporting Forms for EETT C

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