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EETT Formula Grant Eligibility Information

Eligibility Information For Enhancing Education Through Technology Formula Funded Grants.

Eligibility is limited to:

Please Note:
Districts that do not receive funds under Part A of Title I may receive formula grant funds if they apply for funding in consortium with a district that receives funds under Part A of Title I.

Districts must apply to receive the Title II, Part D formula-funded grants by submitting a technology plan through their California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) tech plan coordinator.

Districts should be aware that 25% of the funding must be spent on professional development related to helping teachers use technology as an effective tool to improve teaching and student achievement. The balance of the funding may be spent on education technology expenses in accordance to their approved education technology plan. Districts will be able to decide how much funding to allocate to each school and are not required to base this allocation on the amount of Title I funding going to each school.

Questions: Education Technology Office | | 916-323-5715 
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