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Ed Tech K-12 Voucher: Estimated Funding

Education Technology K-12 Voucher Program listing of eligible schools and estimated funding level.

Note: This is historical information. The estimated funding levels on this page were for the first cy pres distribution.

The estimated voucher funding levels are based upon the $250,000,000 cy pres estimate provided by the Settlement Claims Administrator and the Parties to the Settlement, as explained in the memo date September 18, 2006, from the State Superintendent. It is anticipated that these amounts will be recalculated in January 2007, when the Settlement Claims Administrator and the Parties to the Settlement provide the revised cy pres amount. When the amounts are recalculated, all districts that have completed the request for application will be sent an amended voucher award notification letter by the Settlement Claims Administrator. All districts that complete the request for application after the cy pres estimate is revised will be funded at the recalculated level as well.

The $250,000,000 cy pres estimate and the total enrollment of all eligible and potentially eligible high schools were used to calculate the $50.80 per pupil voucher allocation. The funding allocation for small schools (schools with 300 or less students) was calculated as shown below:

Small School Formula

Minimum funding levels for voucher amounts for individual small schools was calculated as follows:

  1. Schools with 1-100 students: The per pupil calculation for 100 students.
  2. Schools with 101-200 students: The per pupil calculation for 200 students.
  3. Schools with 201-300 students: The per pupil calculation for 300 students.
Estimated LEA Funding Levels

Estimated Funding Levels (XLS; 1MB)

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