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Ed Tech K-12 Voucher: Estimated Funding

Education Technology K-12 Voucher Program listing of eligible schools and estimated funding level.

The estimated voucher funding levels for the remainder of the first cy pres distribution are based upon the $188.4 million estimate provided by the Settlement Claims Administrator and the Parties to the Settlement.

The $188.4 million estimate and the total enrollment of all eligible schools and potentially eligible high schools were used to calculate the $35.98 per pupil second cy pres voucher allocation.

Estimated LEA Funding Levels for Remainder of First Cy Pres

Estimated Funding Levels (XLS)

Additional Funding from Remainder of the First Cy Pres Distribution

A sum of $6.4 million is available for redistribution from funds remaining from those LEAs that did not complete requirements by June 30, 2014 for Remainder of the First Cy Pres.

Estimated Additional Funding (XLS)

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Last Reviewed: Monday, March 7, 2016
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