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Questions and Answers AEAA RFP

Questions and answers for the Adult Education Assessment and Accountability (AEAA) Request for Proposals (RFP) for fiscal year 2013-14.

Question 1:
Section 3: Scope of Work Task 1, Written Progress Reports (Page 4 of 44):
 “The contractor must submit an annual summary progress report on or before June 30 of each year.”
This contract includes two reporting periods—November 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014; July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. The annual progress reports will contain information related to the two specified contract periods. Neither of the reports will contain complete program year information for the month of June. Please confirm that this is the intent.

Answer 1:
The annual progress report in question is simply a summary of the monthly progress reports. June is expected to be a less active period in the local schools, because this is the time for graduation ceremonies, as instruction and testing would have been completed in May. The California Department of Education (CDE) is requesting the annual progress reports to cover those contracted program activities completed by June 30 of each year.

Question 2:
Section 3: Task 2, Student Assessments (page 6 of 44):
“The contractor will be responsible for: a) Providing NRS approved summative assessments instruments for each of the instructional program areas ABE, ASE and ESL… b) Providing summative assessments instruments… under EL Civics…”
The bidder is required to provide approved assessment instruments. Please confirm that the bidder, in accordance with its established pricing practices, may use its published catalog prices as the basis for providing these approved assessment instruments.

Answer 2:
The CDE understands that “published catalog prices” may vary from year to year. With an expected large volume of assessments needed for California, the CDE would merit a volume discount. Whatever price is established by the cost proposal, the bidder must ensure that the supply would sufficiently meet the expected demands during the contracted time span.

Question 3:
Section 3: Task 2, Student Assessments (page 6 of 44):
“The contractor must provide appropriate assessments and materials to local agencies on a large scale, i.e., over 235 agencies and over half a million students.”

Please confirm the upward limit of “over 235 agencies and over half a million students.”

Answer 3:
California has the largest population in the nation for the Workforce Investment Act, Title II: Adult Education and Family Literacy (AEFLA) federal grant that funds this project. Due to local budget constraints over the last several years and the fact that this is a supplemental grant, the number of students served has fluctuated. The fiscal attention for adult education, given the latest budget cycle, has stabilized the program. Consequently, the potential to increase participation to 2009 levels (approximately 300 agencies and 700,000 students) exists over the life of the contract. The CDE also acknowledges that less than 70 percent of the students served have qualified to be counted in the federal program reporting.

Question 4:
Section 3: Personnel and Project Staff Qualifications (page 17 of 44):
Please confirm that the “must have desirable qualifications” applies only to the management team including the Project Manager, Fiscal Manager, Data Analyst, System Analyst, and Trainer Specialist and does not apply to the coordinators and the clerical/classified support staff.

Answer 4:
Project Manager and Fiscal Manager Qualifications are covered earlier in the document (pages 16 and 17 of 44). The Personnel and Project Staff Qualifications (Section 4.2, page 17 of 44) refer to the professional project staff/personnel such as data analysts, system analysts, trainers and other specialists who have primary responsibilities for the successful completion of the contracted tasks. This section includes coordinators of data analysts, system analysts, trainers and other specialists. It does not include clerical or support staff or coordinators of clerical or support staff.

Question 5:
Section 3: Task 4, Reports (page 11 of 44)
“a) The AEFLA requires states to submit reports annually to OVAE.”
The California NRS Performance report provides information on the WIA, Title II program implementation by responding to four specific questions asked by Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE). Question 3 refers to the collaboration and integration of WIA, Title I and Title II. The information on WIA, Title I Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) and One-Stop Systems was collected through the annual WIA, Title II program evaluation survey. Question 4 refers to English Literacy and Civics Education (EL Civics) Grants. The information regarding the positive impact of EL Civics on improved instruction and coordination among teachers and staff was collected through the survey. Please confirm that the CDE, AEO office will provide this information to the contractor in order to complete the NRS narrative report since this survey is not included in the new contract.

Answer 5:

The CDE will be responsible for collecting the information formerly called “Workforce Investment Act Title II Program Implementation Survey.” The information will be used to supplement the responses to OVAE in the annual federal report.  

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Last Reviewed: Monday, March 28, 2016
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