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Funding Results

California School Age Families Education

Note: Recipients and funding amounts are subject to budget and administrative adjustments.

California School Age Families Education (Cal-SAFE) funds approved by this application are for the fiscal year (FY) 2006-07. Approved local educational agencies (LEAs) may apply for service level exemption for start-up funding of 15 percent of the proposed level of service for the child care and development component of the Cal-SAFE program, and those that provided services consistent with Cal-SAFE requirements may submit claims for retroactive funding. Applicant LEAs approved to operate a Cal-SAFE program in FY 2006-07 and that continue to operate a program in subsequent years will be reauthorized annually through the Consolidated Application process for categorical funding. All Cal-SAFE funding is contingent upon appropriations in the state budget.

The Cal-SAFE apportionment letter and schedule detailing funding information for FY 2006-07 are listed below.

Program Questions: Nancy Christophel, e-mail:, tel. 916-319-0541

Fiscal Questions: Julie Klein Briggs, e-mail:, tel. 916-323-6191


Eighth Apportionment

Letter of the Eighth Apportionment 08-May-2009
Schedule of the Eighth Apportionment

Seventh Apportionment

Letter of the Seventh Apportionment 24-Nov-2008
Schedule of the Seventh Apportionment (XLS)

Sixth Apportionment

Letter of the Sixth Apportionment 21-Dec-2007
Schedule of the Sixth Apportionment (XLS)

Fifth Apportionment

Letter of the Fifth Apportionment 10-Oct-2007
Schedule of the Fifth Apportionment (XLS)

Fourth Apportionment

Letter of the Fourth Apportionment 31-Aug-2007
Schedule of the Fourth Apportionment

Third Apportionment

Letter of the Third Apportionment 27-Jul-2007
Schedule of the Third Apportionment (XLS)

Second Apportionment

Letter of the Second Apportionment 06-Apr-2007
Schedule of the Second Apportionment (XLS)

First Apportionment

Letter of the First Apportionment 06-Dec-2006
Schedule of the First Apportionment (XLS)

New Local Educational Agencies for FY 2006-07

Below is a list of new LEAs to be funded as a result of the 2006-07 request for applications process, released on December 15, 2006.


Local Educational Agency

CDS Code


  Anaheim Union High School District


  Los Angeles

  Pomona Unified School District



  Parlier Unified School District


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