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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) FY 2004–05

FAQs about the 2004–05 Principal Apportionment Attendance, Revenue, and Tax Software:

  1. After importing a district certified file containing Necessary Small Elementary School data (also applies to Necessary Small High School and New Necessary Small Continuation data), why does the Last Edit Check Date column on the bottom grid of the main screen not have a date listed? Will I have to re-validate (check/save) the data before exporting to CDE?

    Answer: The Last Edit Check Date is automatically cleared within the software after Necessary Small School data has been imported. The data will have to be re-validated (edit check process) by pressing the Check/Save button on the entry screen. If the data are not re-validated, data will not be exported.

  2. Do I need to answer the following questions listed on the Attendance Charter School Block Grant - Supplemental Instructional Hours tab, even if I do not have Supplemental Instructional Hours to report?
    - Did the charter school cease operation during the current fiscal year?
    - Is this charter school in its First Year of Operation?

    Answer: Yes. Even if you do not have any Supplemental Instructional Hours to report for your charter school, you must answer Yes or No to the questions listed on the Supplemental Instructional Hours tab.

  3. What is the new County Password box in the Submit Datafile screen used for?

    Answer: You now need to enter in a password to upload data files using the Principal Apportionment Tax and Revenue software.

  4. Why does a form appear with two selections, District Revenue Limit Adjustments and Certified District Revenue Limit Data Collection Fields, when I attempt to print a District Revenue Limit Adjustments report?

    Answer: There are now two reports for District Revenue Limit Adjustments, District Revenue Limit Adjustments and Certified District Revenue Limit Data Collection Fields reports. The District Revenue Limit Adjustments report displays all data fields from the District Revenue Limit Adjustments screen. The Certified District Revenue Limit Data Collection Fields report displays only the certified data fields. The certification number is based on all data fields.

  5. Do I need to export the Necessary Small School Certification?

    Answer: You will now have to export the Necessary Small School Certification for all districts that have small schools. The Necessary Small School Certification is listed under Districts - Revenue Limits
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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