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Version Release Notes FY 2004–05

Version Release notes for version 4.15 of the Revenue software and version 4.05 of the Attendance software.

2004–05 Principal Apportionment Revenue (v4.15) and Attendance (v4.05) Software Release Notes 

What's new?  

  1. Software Installation Process (Revenue and Attendance)
    A new installation feature has been added to the Principal Apportionment Software. The new feature allows the person installing the software to install the software for a single user or multiple users.

  2. Attendance Charter School Block Grant COE (Revenue and Attendance)
    In software version 4.09 (Revenue) and 4.05 (Attendance), the total supplemental instructional hours were not summing correctly. The field has been fixed to correctly sum the data.  

  3. Attendance Charter School Block Grant (Revenue and Attendance)
    The Attendance Charter School Block Grant report has been renumbered to include the supplemental hours.

  4. Preload Values (Revenue)
    The preload values for County Office Local Revenue, County Revenue Limit, and County Adult Education Funding have been updated.   Preload values for average daily attendance (ADA) funded through the Revenue Limit (A-14) on the School District ADA report have been added.  

  5. Revenue Limit ADA (Revenue)
    Line A-2 on the School District Revenue Limit report has been fixed to pull in the correct ADA from the School District ADA report.  

  6. Equalization (Revenue)  
     Updated equalization adjustment for School District Revenue Limit calculations.

  7. Necessary Small School Continuation High School (Revenue)
    A user will no longer need to create a blank record to run the revenue limit calculation in the software.
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Last Reviewed: Tuesday, August 30, 2016
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