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Tax Software 2012–13

The 2012–13 Principal Apportionment Tax Software is used by county offices of education and county auditors to report school district and county local revenue.
Principal Apportionment Tax Software

Tax Software, v2012-12.00, Posted 11-Oct-2012
For use by county offices of education and county auditors

Tax 2012 v12.00 (Windows 2000, NT4, and XP) Installation File (EXE)

Due to the elimination of redevelopment agencies, the 2012–13 version of the Tax Software has changed from the prior years. The following fields are available for reporting funds related to redevelopment.

  • Line A-12: Community Redevelopment Funds
    • Pass-through funds considered property taxes pursuant to Education Code (EC) sections 2558 and 42238 (Note: The field for reporting pass-through funds has not changed).
  • Line A-13: Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund Residual Distributions
    • Residual dollars in the Redevelopment Property Tax Trust Fund distributed pursuant to Health and Safety Code (HSC) sections 34183(a)(4) and 34188.
    • Includes distributions in the current year pursuant to HSC Section 34183.5(b)(2)(A).
  • Line A-14: Redevelopment Agency Asset Liquidation
    • Remittances from unencumbered balances [HSC Section 34177(d)] and proceeds from asset sales and other related funds due to the wind down of redevelopment agency (RDA) affairs [HSC Section 34177 (e)].
    • Also includes additional amounts remitted pursuant to a determination by the California Department of Finance [HSC Section 34179.6 (f)].


Download and Installation Guide (DOC)

Principal Apportionment Software User Guide (DOC)

Contact Information:
Taxes: Judy Gonzalez, 916-324-4557,

Questions: Zandra Black | | 916-324-4547 
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