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Student Success Teams

A complete sequential training format in the use of Student Success Teams to resolve many individual student needs and school-wide issues.

Student Success Teams: A Blueprint for Building Student and School-wide Progress

SST: Student Success Teams was published by the California Dropout Prevention Network in 2000. Schools can use this document as a complete sequential training format to initiate their staffs in the use of the Student Success Teams (SST) to resolve many individual student needs and school-wide issues. Samples of many of the forms, letters, and brochures are included in the "Forms and Tools" section of the publication and on the accompanying CD.

The Student Success Team, formerly Student Study Team, is a positive school-wide early identification and early intervention process. Working as a team, the student, parent, teachers and school administrator identify the student's strengths and assets upon which an improvement plan can be designed. Concerns are seen as obstacles to student success and not descriptors of the student or his character. As a regular school process, the SST intervenes with school and community support and a practical improvement plan that all team members agree to follow. Follow-up meetings are planned to provide a continuous casework management strategy to maximize the student's achievement and school experience.

The publication provides everything necessary for a school initiating or improving its SST process. It includes the various roles of participants; a developmental resiliency rubric; chapters on related issues, such as 504 hearings, grade-level retention, and violence prevention; and research findings on brain development. The appendices provide materials in a variety of languages, including forms and notices that a school may use to begin or improve its SST process. Major elements covered are:

The Student Success Team publication is being revised and is not currently available for purchase. In the near future, the SST will be offered as a free download from this Web site. Please continue to check this site for updates regarding the status of the SST handbook.

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