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After School Programs - CalEdFacts

This content is part of California Department of Education's information and media guide about education in the State of California. For similar information on other topics, visit the full CalEdFacts.

After school programs play an increasingly critical role in supporting students in meeting and exceeding state academic standards. Before school and after school programs are created through partnerships between schools and local community resources to provide support for academic achievement, literacy, and educational enrichment while providing safe and constructive environments for students during nonschool hours.

Grant funding for each fiscal year is contingent upon the availability of funds and the enactment of each respective federal and state Budget Act. When grant funding is available, the After School Programs Office releases a Request for Applications and supportive materials, which are posted at CDE Funding.

The CDE administers the following after school programs. Funding sources and associated California Education Code (EC) and federal U.S. Code authorities are also noted.

After School Program Funding Source Defined in State and Federal Education Code

After School Education and Safety Program


California EC sections 8482–8484.6

21st Century Community Learning Centers Program
(Kindergarten through middle grades)


California EC sections 8484.7–8484.9 and Title 20; U.S. Code sections 7171–7176

21st Century High School After School Safety and Enrichment for Teens Program
(Grades nine through twelve)


California EC sections 8420–8428, 8484.8[h] and Title 20; U.S. Code sections 7171–7176

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