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Statewide Evaluation Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for the Statewide Evaluation.

Time Extensions and Data Submission

Question: Can a time extension be granted for the data submission?

Answer: No. Grant payments are withheld until the data is received and cleared by the After School Division. Failure to submit data will result in termination of the grant.

Question: Can I email the data as an attachment or send it to CDE on a CD?

Answer: No. The data must only be delivered using CDE’s exFiles File Transfer System. Directions on uploading, encrypting, and transferring files will be provided by email.

Question: What software should we use to encrypt the data?

Answer: The exFiles File Transfer System will automatically encrypt the data.

General Reporting

Question: Are all after school participants required to be reported, even if they only attended a few days of the program?

Answer: Yes. Grantees are required to report all after school participants, even if the student attended one day only.

Question: Are data, such as gender and grade, important to evaluate after school programs?

Answer: Yes. However, the After School Division will be able to gather these type of data from CalPADS.

Question: I have multiple schools in my grant. Do I need to submit a different spreadsheet for each school, or can I combine all of the schools into one report?

Answer: All sites funded by the grant must be on one spreadsheet, same tab. There are two data file templates: one for ASES and 21st CCLC (, and another for ASSETs (

Question: I have more than one type of grant. Do I need to submit a different spreadsheet for each grant?

Answer: When an LEA has several grants, an ASES and a 21st CCLC, for example, all participants must be on one spreadsheet, same tab (template located at For ASSETs programs, the template is located at    

Statewide Student Identifier (SSID)

Question: What if we do not have a Statewide Student Identifier (SSID) for a student? Can I leave that cell blank?

Answer: No. The grantee must report an SSID for all students participating in after school, except for private school students. For private schools, enter the alternate ID used by the private school.

Supplemental or Summer Programs

Question: My students attend a 6-hour Summer Program. Should I double the attendance?

Answer: No. In an effort to accurately capture amount of days and time students spend in after school, the template contain a column for 3-hour programs and another for 6-hour programs. For example:

3-Hour Program––a student attending 30 days would be reported as 30 days.

6-Hour Program––a student attending 30 days would be reported as 30 days.


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Last Reviewed: Thursday, June 4, 2015

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