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Regional After School Technical Assistance System

Provides training and technical assistance that develops and provides resources supporting safe and educationally enriching environments for children and youths in before and after school programs throughout California.

The After School Programs Office has established the Regional After School Technical Assistance System for the purpose of providing field-based technical assistance and support in each of the 11 service regions of the California County Superintendents' Educational Services Association. This includes training and support related to accessing local, regional, and statewide resources and directly supporting grantees at the site level and through regional events. The two main areas of focus of the Regional After School Technical Assistance System are: (1) to provide technical assistance to all grantees and sites to support implementation of programs that fully address all After School Education and Safety and 21st Century Community Learning Center requirements; and (2) to build capacity throughout the region they serve to develop, implement, and sustain support for effective before and after school programs.

In each region, technical assistance is provided by a Regional Lead County Office of Education (COE) and a California Department of Education (CDE) staff member who work together to implement training opportunities and activities uniquely designed to fit the needs of local before and after school program grantees. Each Regional Lead COE works with local grantees to plan specific assistance and workshops, to increase communication and networking among program sites and to increase site level support for program coordinators, staff, and community partners.

CDE staff provide administrative and fiscal policy support to before and after school program grantees; guidance to grantees and local education agencies in the interpretation and administration of the legal requirements and guidelines of grants; and support in understanding applicable law, policy, infrastructure, state standards, and assessment and accountability systems.

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