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Tenth Grade District Program Checklist

A checklist to help your district determine the extent to which it is following the requirements for the Tenth Grade Counseling Program as stated in the Education Code.

Academic Progress and Counseling Review Program, "Tenth Grade Counseling" (Authorized by Education Code [EC] sections 48431.6 and 48431.7).

This optional Checklist may be used to determine the extent to which your district's Tenth Grade Counseling Program follows the requirements stated in the EC. The components of the Tenth Grade Counseling Program are no longer a condition of funding but may be considered as effective school counseling practices.

Required Elements:
  1. ___ Ensures that every student receives a systematic review of his or her academic progress and counseling regarding the educational options available during the final two years of high school.

  2. ___ Gives first priority to:

    • Identifying students who are not earning credits at a rate which will enable them to graduate with the rest of their class.
    • Providing these students with the required counseling services funded for this purpose.

  3. ___ Provides an individualized review of each student's academic records.

  4. ___ Provides a meeting with each student, and where feasible, with the student's parent or guardian, to explain all of the following:

    • Student's academic record.
    • Educational options available to the student.
    • Course work and academic progress needed for satisfactory completion of high school.
    • Effect of such course work and academic progress on the student's options for postsecondary education and employment.

  5. ___ Explains educational options, including, but not limited to:

    • Regional occupational centers and programs
    • Continuation schools
    • Academic programs
    • Any other alternatives available to district students

  6. ___ Includes the services of teachers, counselors, and others to provide the individualized review and assistance to students, as noted above.

  7. ___ Includes active participation of ROP/C counselors in career guidance activities, to the maximum extent feasible.

  8. ___ Involves the local business community in career guidance activities, to the maximum extent feasible.

  9. ___ Was adopted at a public meeting of the governing board.

  10. ___ Uses funds appropriated for this purpose to supplement, but not supplant, existing funding for counseling services.
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Last Reviewed: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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