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EETT Competitive: Round 9 Forms

Forms for Round 9 grantees for the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) Competitive Grant.

As a condition of receiving the EETT-C grant, recipients have agreed to complete the following forms on a timely basis. These completed forms enable the California Department of Education (CDE) to perform its required functions in administering, monitoring, and evaluating the EETT-C program; ensuring the efficient cash management of federal funds; and providing guidance in assuring that funds are spent in accordance with federal cost guidelines.

Performance Reports

Four EETT C Performance Reports (two semi-annual and two annual reports) will need to be filed with the CDE, Education Technology Office during the duration of the two year grant period that ends June 30, 2012. Performance reports are to be filed electronically by email to the CDE at by the specified due dates.

  1. Performance Report 1 (report activity from beginning thru 3/31/2011)
    Performance report 1 is optional.
    Due to CDE: April 15, 2011
    Form: eettc10r9semiann1 (DOC)
  2. Performance Report 2 (report activity from 7/1/2010 thru 6/30/2011)
    Due to CDE: September 10, 2011
    Form: eettc10r9ann1 (DOC)
  3. Performance Report 3 (report activity from 7/1/2011 thru 12/31/2011)
    Performance report 3 is optional.
    Due to CDE: February 11, 2012
    Form: eettc10r9semiann2 (DOC)
  4. Performance Report 4 (report activity from 7/1/2011 thru 6/30/2012)
    Due to CDE: August 15, 2012
    Form: eettc10r9ann2 (DOC)

Expenditure Reports

To obtain grant funds, LEAs will need to file several EETT C Expenditure Reports during the duration of the grant availability period that ends September 30, 2012. EETT- C funds will be disbursed in three payments of 40% (return of Form AO-400) - 40% - 20%. Expenditure reports must be mail to the CDE by the specified due dates.

Payment 1 (40% of grant award)
Event: LEA accepts the grant award and notifies the CDE of its acceptance of the grant conditions
Due to CDE: Ten business days after receipt by LEA of award notification
Form: Grant Award Notification- Form AO-400

Payment 2 (40% of grant award)
Event: Payment is conditioned on the LEAs certification that at least 40% of the grant award has been expended or obligated
Due to CDE: Earlier of 40% expended/obligated or September 10, 2011
Form: eettc10rd9ce2 (DOC)

Payment 3 (Final 20% of grant award)
Event: Upon completion of the EETT-C grant, the LEA files a final expenditure report
Due to CDE: Earlier of project completion and 100% expended/obligated or August 15, 2012
Form: eettc10eopr (DOC)

Change Request Forms

Change request forms are only required to be filed with the CDE if the LEA has changes from its Request for Application that impact the program, budget, or schools serviced. Use the applicable forms as follows:

Program Modification Request
Due to CDE: In advance of significant program change
Form: eettc10pmr (DOC)

Budget Modification Request
Due to CDE: In advance of spending that will result in an object category change from Form 5 that is over 10% or $2,500, whichever is greater.
Form: eettc10bmr (DOC)

School Change Request
Due to CDE: In advance of any change to the schools originally listed on Form 6
Form: eettc10scr (DOC)


EETT-Competitive, chronology of performance and expenditure reports due dates for the Round 9 grant period that begins July 1, 2010 and ends September 30, 2012

Due 10 business days after receipt of AO-400
Award Notification- Form AO-400 (Payment 1)

Due April 15, 2011
Performance Report 1 (Optional)
eettc10r9semiann1 (DOC)

Due September 10, 2011
Certification of Expenditure- Payment 2
eettc10rd9ce2 (DOC)

Due September 10, 2011
Performance Report 2 (Required)
eettc10r9ann1 (DOC)

Due February 11, 2012
Performance Report 3 (Optional)
eettc10r9semiann2 (DOC)

Due earlier of Project Completion Date or August 15, 2012
Performance Report 4 (Required)
eettc10r9ann2 (DOC)

End of Period Expenditure Report- Payment 3
eettc10eopr (DOC)

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