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California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP)

CTAP is funded by the California Department of Education (CDE) to promote effective use of technology in teaching, learning, and overall school administration.

What is CTAP?

CTAP is a regional technical assistance program that provides coordination and services in education technology based upon local needs in each of the 11 regions in California. Locate your CTAP region External link opens in new window or tab. and contact them for assistance.

Each CTAP region has developed and is implementing a plan to provide technical assistance in eight key areas:

  • Staff development
  • Electronic learning resources
  • Hardware and telecommunications infrastructure
  • Operating and maintaining education technology infrastructure, including improving pupil record keeping and tracking related to instruction
  • Coordination with other federal, state, and local programs consistent with State Board of Education-adopted content standards
  • Funding for technology
  • Technical assistance and information to support access to the K-12 High Speed Network
  • Technology planning and implementation assistance to rural and technologically underserved school districts and county offices of education

We encourage you to contact and work with your local CTAP region if you are interested in helping with or learning more about effective use of technology in education.

Do the CTAP regions have Web sites, and who is my CTAP region contact person?

Yes, each CTAP region has its own Web site. For your convenience, we have listed all CTAP Web sites. There are 11 regions under CTAP, each of them with a director. Here is the list of CTAP directors and Web sites for you to contact.

2005-06 CTAP Regional Evaluation Reports

These annual reports addresses the implementation and impact of the CTAP program for each region on California educators for the 2005-06 year and explains the actions to be taken by the CTAP regional staff to address the recommended actions based on the data collected by the CTAP regional evaluators. Here is the Executive Summary for your viewing.

Questions: Education Technology Office | | 916-323-5715 
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