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AAV of Ed Tech K-12 Voucher PowerPoint

Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of the Education Technology K-12 Voucher PowerPoint presentation slides.

This page is the Accessible Alternative Version (AAV) of the Ed Tech K-12 Voucher PowerPoint presentation slides (PPT) found at Ed Tech K-12 Voucher Informational Program Video Web page.

Slide 1

Education Technology K-12 Voucher Program

Slide 2

Age of Computers in California Schools

Slide 3

Classrooms Connected to the Internet

Slide 4

Teacher Technology Training over 3 Years

Slide 5

How Ed Tech K-12 Vouchers are Allocated
Qualifying Schools – All benefits will go to:
  • Public schools at which 40% or more of the students qualify for free or reduced price meals through the National School Lunch Program
  • Public high schools serving students that come from eligible elementary or middle schools

Slide 6

How Ed Tech K-12 Vouchers are Allocated
  • Districts must have a current, state-approved technology plan
  • Districts are required to apply for the vouchers on behalf of their eligible schools
  • State Special Schools, Direct Funded Charter Schools, and County Offices of Education do not have to meet the state-approved technology plan requirement and will apply on their own behalf

Slide 7

How Ed Tech K-12 Vouchers are Allocated
  • All program benefits will be paid to schools in the form of vouchers that can be redeemed for cash upon proof that eligible schools have purchased qualifying products or services
  • Vouchers must be redeemed by September 2012

Slide 8

How Ed Tech K-12 Vouchers are Allocated
  • The October 2005 CBEDS data will be used to determine the amount of vouchers for each eligible school
  • Allocation is based upon the total enrollment at eligible schools
  • The initial allocation will be approximately $50 per student and will be increased in early 2007

Slide 9

How Ed Tech K-12 Vouchers are Allocated
Two Types of Vouchers:
General Purpose Vouchers:
  • 50% of the vouchers will be for a variety of hardware and software products and technology services
  • Specific Category Software Vouchers: 50% of the vouchers will be for specific categories of computer software

Slide 10

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
General Purpose Vouchers:
  • Computer Hardware
  • Computer Software
  • IT Support Services
  • Professional Development Services

Slide 11

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
Computer Hardware:
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Tablet Computers
  • Server Computers
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Pointing devices (e.g., mouse or trackball)

Slide 12

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
Computer Hardware (cont.):
  • Equipment for networking and infrastructure (e.g., routers, wireless network access cards, wireless access points)
  • Hardware for accessing the internet through television sets and internet access for such hardware for students’ homes
  • Non-custom assistive technology devices

Slide 13

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
Computer Software:
  • Any non-custom software sold by any software publisher for use on qualifying eligible computer hardware
  • Non-custom software for students with special needs
  • Evaluation tools to assist in monitoring use of the vouchers

Slide 14

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
IT Support Services:
  • Services that “primarily” involve the maintenance of hardware procured through this program
  • Services that “primarily” involve the installation and maintenance of software procured through this program

Slide 15

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
Professional Development Services:
  • Leadership development for school administrators in the use of education technology to improve learning at the site or district
  • General curriculum development and instructional strategies which utilize educational technology to improve instruction

Slide 16

How General Purpose Vouchers can be Used
Professional Development Services:
  • Improvement of technology integration for any software title acquired through this program
  • Training in use of hardware or software acquired through this program
  • Certification training for software and networking

Slide 17

How Specific Category Software Vouchers can be Used
Specific Category Software Vouchers:
  • Operating System
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation Software
  • Relational Database (oriented toward single users for desktop computers)
  • Web Authoring
  • Productivity Suite
  • Encyclopedia
  • Server Software (including client access licenses)

Slide 18

How Specific Category Software Vouchers can be Used
Specific Category Software Vouchers:
  • Any qualifying software from any publisher for use on any operating system platform
  • Includes qualifying software that is bundled with the computers purchased with General Purpose Vouchers
  • NOTE: You will want to use the Specific Category Software Vouchers for software instead of General Purpose Vouchers whenever possible

Slide 19

IT and Professional Development Services
  • Approved provider
  • Eligible services
  • General Purpose Vouchers

Slide 20

Approved Provider List
  • Platform neutral
  • High-quality professional development or IT services
  • Vendors and districts may apply
  • Listed on CDE Ed Tech K-12 Voucher: Approved Providers Web page

Slide 21

IT Support Services
Primarily Involve:
  • Maintenance of hardware procured through this program
  • Installation and maintenance of software procured through this program

Slide 22

Professional Development
Solely Directed at:
  • Leadership development
  • Curriculum and instructional strategies
  • Software integration
  • Training on hardware or software acquired with vouchers
  • Must incorporate the use of education technology

Slide 23

Approval of Products and Services
  • By the Settlement Claims Administrator
  • Only schools and districts may inquire
  • Vendors cannot inquire

Slide 24

Vendor Marketing
  • Do not rely on vendor statements
    • About product approval
    • About voucher program
  • Direct questions to the Settlement Claims Administrator

Slide 25

Possible Consequences for Vendor Misrepresentations
  • Legal liability
  • Removal from Approved Providers List
  • Disapproval of Products and Services

Slide 26

Required Documentation for Product and Service Purchases
  • Completed Original Voucher Redemption Form
  • Original proof of purchase
    • For purchases from vendors, the original itemized receipt or invoice
    • For services provided through the district, the original spreadsheet, worksheet or internal service order

Slide 27

Voucher Redemption Process
  • Districts must submit an original Voucher Redemption Form for reimbursement of purchases made for eligible schools

Slide 28

Voucher Redemption Form
  • Page 1 of the Voucher Redemption Form contains the balance statement for the district
  • Page 2 is separated into sections for Product Purchases and IT Support Services and Professional Development (PD) Services Purchases

Slide 29

Image of Page 1 of the Voucher Redemption Form.

Slide 30

Page 1: Balance Statement

Slide 31

Image of the Product Purchase section on Page 2 of the Voucher Redemption Form.

Slide 32

Image of the IT and PD Services Purchase section on Page 2 of the Voucher Redemption Form.

Slide 33

Proof of Purchase

Circle items on the original receipt or invoice that are submitted for reimbursement

Slide 34

Proof of Purchase

If claiming individual items on an invoice or receipt, circle the dollar amount of the products submitted for reimbursement

Slide 35

Proof of Purchase

If claiming all items on the invoice or receipt for reimbursement, circle the total invoice price paid

Slide 36

Proof of Purchase

If only a portion of a purchase is being claimed for reimbursement, clearly indicate the amount claimed on the invoice or receipt

Slide 37

Proof of Purchase

Clearly indicate amount of rebate/discount and actual price paid on the receipt or invoice

Slide 38

Proof of Purchase
  • Prices for products and services must be itemized
    • When a computer is purchased with operating system or application software preinstalled, the price of the software must be itemized on the proof of purchase if you wish to apply Specific Category Software Vouchers to cover the cost of the software

Slide 39

Price Certification
  • Vendor price certification must be clearly visible on the proof of purchase
  • Vendor certification may be typed or handwritten

Slide 40

Price Certification Examples

Images of sample wording on invoice certifying the academic price for products.

Slide 41

IT Support Services
  • Documentation must show:
    • Name of products procured through this settlement being installed or maintained
    • Flat rate, or hourly rate if applicable
    • Number of hours spent on the installation or maintenance
    • Date of installation or maintenance

Slide 42

IT Support Services Documentation Example

Image of IT support services documentation sample.

Slide 43

Professional Development Services
  • Documentation for Professional Development services must show:
    • Name of PD event
    • Agenda and summary of content
    • Flat rate, or hourly rate if applicable
    • Number of hours spent on the PD
    • If products procured through this settlement were the focus of the PD, then the names of those products should be listed
    • Dates of the PD
    • If products received as part of the PD, products and their cost listed separately

Slide 44

Approved Providers
  • All services must be provided by an Approved Provider of Professional Development or IT Support Services
  • Note that Approved Provider list does not mean that all services offered by the provider are eligible

Slide 45

Voucher Restrictions
  • Vouchers may not be redeemed for:
    • Costs for substitute teachers
    • Salaries (unless directly related to goods and/or services purchased with program vouchers-such as IT support and professional development, and the district is an approved provider)
    • Insurance on goods acquired with program vouchers (warranties are OK)
    • Indirect costs

Slide 46

Voucher Redemption Timeline

Reimbursement checks will be mailed to districts within approximately 30 days from receipt of voucher redemption transaction requirements

Slide 47

Voucher Redemption Flowchart

Graphic diagram showing voucher redemption flowchart.

Slide 48

Purchases for Reimbursement
  • The start date for purchases eligible for redemption is July 1, 2006
  • Vouchers must be redeemed by the districts within six years

Slide 49

What determines the date for a purchase?
  • Vendor products or services:
    • Date of the invoice received from the vendor
  • District services:
    • Date the service was completed

Slide 50

Examples of Ineligible Products
  • Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs)
  • Laptop carrying cases (unless purchased with the laptop)

Slide 51

Examples of Ineligible Products
  • Custom software
  • Computer devices and components (other than printers, scanners, monitors, keyboards and pointing devices) are ineligible when they are not included as part of the purchase of a computer

Slide 52

Examples of Ineligible Products
  • Computer devices and components include such items as:
    • CD-Rom or DVD drives
    • Speakers
    • Tape backup or storage units

Slide 53

Product Eligibility Questions

Slide 54

Product Eligibility: Caution

Be wary of any vendor claims that their products or services are eligible for redemption. Schools and districts are responsible for verifying that the product or service is eligible for redemption prior to making a purchase

Slide 55

Product Eligibility: Caution

Only the Settlement Claims Administrator can confirm eligibility of a specific product or service

Slide 56

Products Placement Requirement
  • Products are for use in eligible schools only
  • Products may not be transferred to ineligible schools
  • Eligible schools may replace or retire products when appropriate
  • Networking equipment that provides a substantial benefit to eligible schools may be placed at a district location

Slide 57

Claims Administrator Contact Information

Slide 58

CDE Contact Information
Education Technology Office:

Slide 59

Email your questions regarding this presentation to:

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