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Alternative Enrollment Projections

Assembly Bill 491 qualifications, certification instructions, and a list of school districts that have certified the required pupil population density.

Assembly Bill 491 External link opens in new window or tab. (Chapter 710, Statutes of 2005) amended Education Code Section 17071.75 to allow a school district that has two or more schoolsites, which have at least 115 pupils per acre in grades kindergarten through six (K-6) or 90 pupils per acre in grades seven through twelve (7-12), based on 2004-05 CBEDS enrollment, to request to use an alternative enrollment projection methodology in establishing eligibility in the School Facility Program.

Districts must certify to the California Department of Education (CDE) the schools that meet the specified density. There is not a certification form for districts to complete. Rather, the certification is made by a letter from the district that provides the following information:

  1. The 14-digit CDS (county, district, school) code for the school
  2. School name
  3. The 2004-05 CBEDS K-6 and/or 7-12 enrollment for the site as applicable
  4. The number of usable acres

Send the certification letter to:

California Department of Education
School Facilities Planning Division
1430 N Street, Suite 1201
Sacramento, CA 95814

For additional information on certifying schoolsite density, contact Lisa Contancio at 916-445-4889 or by e-mail at For additional information on alternative enrollment projections and the School Facility Program, contact the Office of Public School Construction at 916-445-3159.

School District Certifications (XLS)

Questions:   Lisa Constancio | | 916-445-4889
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