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Power Point Presentation CASH Spring Conference

This is an Accessible Alternative Version of the Power Point Presentation that was presented at the Coalition for Adequate School Housing Spring Conference (PPT). The Power Point Presentation should be the preferred version for downloading.

California Department of Education

Kathleen Moore, Director
School Facilities Planning Division

Coalition for Adequate School Housing
Spring Conference, San Diego
May 21, 2009

1. Agenda
2. SPI State of Education Address

" I am also sponsoring legislation by my good friend, Chair of the Assembly Education Committee Julia Brownley, to place a major school facilities bond on the next statewide ballot. I expect a special election this year, and this bond measure should be on it. This measure would create jobs. It would help stimulate the construction of schools designed for 21st century learning as well as energy efficient, high-performing "green" schools that would help tomorrow's students compete and achieve."

Superintendent Jack O'Connell
February 3, 2009

Photograph of Jack O'Connell

3. SPI State of Education Address

"Economics tells us the best way to deal with a downturn is to invest and plan for the inevitable uptick. So right now, let's envision and plan for schools that are not only friendly to our environment and our communities but that are truly designed for the 21st century learning needs of our students. Let's plan for schools that are built based on educational needs, not on funding constraints. This economy will recover, and school construction will help to revive it."

Superintendent Jack O'Connell
February 3, 2009

Photograph of Jack O'Connell

4. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)

Saving and Creating Jobs and Reforming Education

"In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity - it is a pre-requisite. The countries that out-teach us today will out-compete us tomorrow."

President Barack Obama
February 23, 2009

5. ARRA Education Provisions
6. ARRA Education, Child Care and Tax Credit Programs
7. ARRA Programs (Continued)
8. ARRA of 2009
9. Qualified Zone Academy Bond (QZAB)
10. Qualified Zone Academy Bond (Continued)
11. Qualified Zone Academy Bond (Continued)
12. Qualified School Construction Bond (QSCB)
13. Qualified School Construction Bond (Continued)
14. Career Technical Education Facilities - Third Round
15. Career Technical Education Facilities - Third Round (Continued)
16. Career Technical Education Facilities Project Eligibility
17. Career Technical Resources
18. Career Technical Resources (Continued)

SFPD Contact:
John Gordon, Assistant Field Representative

CTE Facilities Web page

19. Plan Summary


20. Plan Summary (Continued)


21. Plan Summary (Continued)

Key Points:

22. Plan Summary (Continued)

Key Points (Continued):

23. Plan Summary (Continued)
24. Special Education

Integrated Facilities required by Education Code Section 17070.50 and Title 5 Section 14036

CDE concerns:

25. Special Education (Continued)

Contact your SFPD representative early in the planning process

26. Re-Visioning School Facility Planning and Design for the 21st Century Roundtable

Purpose of the Roundtable:

27. Roundtable Report

Recommendation #1:

Establish State vision and guiding principles on the role of the school facilities in supporting student achievement and closing the achievement gap.

Recommendation #2:

Incorporate the new vision and principles in the California Code of Regulations, Title 5

28. Roundtable Report (Continued)

Recommendation #3:

Increase collaboration among state agencies to aid local educational agencies (LEAs) in the design of 21st century learning environments.

Recommendation #4:

Increase state focus on standards and policy governing the modernization of existing schools to provide 21st century learning environments to the greater number of students.

29. Roundtable Report (Continued)

Recommendation #5:

Review and restructure the linkage between school facility finance and design.

30. SFPD Advisory Committee
31. Contact

Kathleen J. Moore, Director
School Facilities Planning Division
California Department of Education

Questions:   Fred Yeager | | 916-327-7148
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