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Healthy Children Ready to Learn

This is an Accessible Alternative Version of the Power Point presentation Healthy Children Ready to Learn, Facilities Best Practices (PPT; 14MB). The Power Point presentation should be the preferred version for downloading.

PowerPoint Presenters included:
Diane Waters, Senior Architect, School Facilities Planning Division
Phyllis Bramson-Paul, Director, Nutrition Services Division
John Gordon, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, School Facilities Planning Division
Dianne Wilson-Graham, Physical Education Consultant
George Shaw, Field Representative, School Facilities Planning Division


1. Healthy Children Ready to Learn

"Physical health affects learning and schools have a role to play in developing lifelong habits of nutrition and fitness. It is time to support a culture of health and fitness in our school."
2005 State of Education address
by Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell


2. Research Findings
3. Research Findings
4. Research Findings
5. Development of Document
6. Development of Document
7. Common Challenges

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8. Food Service Facilities Solutions
9. Physical Education Facilities Solutions
10. C.A.S.H. Presentation - An Overview
11. School meals are the most nutritious choice for students
12. Trend: more snacks, fewer meals
13. Recent Policy Changes
14. What does this mean?
15. If you build it, they will come!

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16. Facility Planners Role in the Fight Against Childhood Obesity
17. California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 14030(k)

Auxiliary Areas

"Multipurpose/cafeteria area shall be adequately sized and flexibly design to protect students from the elements and to allow all students adequate eating time during each lunch period. . ."

18. School Facilities Planning Division Recommendations
19. Food Services Best Practices Observed Emphasize:
20. Efficiency Through Convenient Food Options
21. Efficiency Through Satellite Food Stations
22. Establish an Identity, Create an Environment
23. Case Study: Moreno Valley Unified School District
24. Put the "Fun" Back in Funding
25. Relationships With the "End User"

"The knowledge shared by these experts, who utilize the space in their day-to-day operations, will spark design innovations and troubleshoot unforeseen, inefficient design."

Healthy Children ready to Learn Facilities Best Practices (2006)

26. Food for Thought
27. Unique Opportunities

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28. Physical Activity
29. Physical Education
30. Physical Education relationship to Physical Activity Facilities
31. Physical Education Instruction
32. Physical Education Content
33. Physical Education Content
34. Physical Education Content

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35. Standards-based Physical education Instruction
36. What does this mean for facility design, construction, and maintenance?
37. More...What does this mean?
38. Some Essentials...
39. More Essentials...
40. Even More Essentials...
41. Still More...
42. Physical Education Facilities

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43. Physical Education Regulation
44. Recent Past Trends
45. Physical Education Analysis
46. Program - Facilities Analysis
Student Count Facility Needs
2,000 9-12 students
1,000 Students taking physical education
40 Students per physical education class
25 Number of sections needed
5 Number of periods in which physical education offered
5 Sections teaching stations per period needed
47. Teaching Stations

4 basketball courts = 1 teaching station
10 tennis courts = 1 teaching station
2 softball diamonds= 1 teaching station
2 soccer fields= 1 teaching station
1 gym = 2 teaching stations
1 oversized standard classroom

48. Counter Trends
49. New Program - Facilities Analysis
Student Count Facility Needs
2,000 Site enrollment
1,750 Students taking physical education
40 Students per physical education class
44 Number of sections
5 Number of periods in which physical education offered
9 Sections teaching stations per period needed
50. Physical Education Best Practices: Observed Emphases
51. Student Learning - Flexible Use Spaces and Layouts

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51. Franklin Middle School
51. Sample Striping Pattern
52. Relationships - Community Partnerships
53. Relationships - Design Committee
54. La Jolla High School
55. La Jolla High School Artificial Turf Softball Field
56. Importance of Staff - Presidio Middle School
57. Money - Hoover High School
58. Hoover High School Fitness Room
59. Long-term Effects of Decisions
60. The End - The Beginning
61. Healthy Children, Ready to Learn: Facilities Best Practices

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