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School Facility Program Joint-Use Projects

The School Facility Program (SFP) allows school districts to apply for funds to supplement a joint-use project between the district and an eligible partner such as: a governmental agency, higher education institution, and a nonprofit agency. Eligible projects include multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums, libraries, teacher education facilities, pupil academic achievement facilities, and childcare facilities. The joint-use project categories are: Type I (part of a new construction project) and Type II (an addition to or reconfiguration of existing school buildings).

Funding Allocation

Maximum allocation per joint-use project funds is determined by grade level:

Grade level Project Funds
Kindergarten through grade six
$1.0 million
Kindergarten through grade eight
$1.5 million
Grades seven through eight
$1.5 million
Grades nine through twelve
$2.0 million
Application Process

School districts applying for a joint-use project must:

Joint-Use Application Due Dates

Applications are not being accepted at this time.

Agency Contacts

California Department of Education, John Gordon, phone number 916-323-0575.
Office of Public School Construction, Brian La Pask, phone number 916-375-4667.

Questions:   John Gordon | | 916-323-0575
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