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Pandemic Influenza Preparedness for Schools

Each school is required to have an Emergency Preparedness Plan that is updated annually. A Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan is just one component of this Emergency Plan.

When developing the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan districts are encouraged to consider how such an emergency might affect the school facilities. Issues such as school closings, accommodation of students with special needs, schools designated as contingency hospitals, establishing policies for transporting ill students, modified maintenance practices during an emergency epidemic or pandemic to reduce or slow the spread of the disease, storage of adequate supplies (food, water, cleaning supplies, soap, hand towels, etc.), and removal of trash during a break-out, etc.

Resources to assist schools in developing emergency plans.

Additional Resources for Preparing for Pandemic Influenza External link opens in new window or tab.
To help schools (from preschool through university) plan and increase their preparedness for a possible influenza pandemic.

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