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Policy Report Webinar

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School Facilities and Transportation Services Division
Policy Report Webinar
Hosted by Kathleen Moore, Director
Presenter: Dr. Jeffrey Vincent
Center for Cities and Schools, University of California, Berkeley

1. California's K-12 Educational Infrastructure Investment: Leveraging the State's Role for Quality School Facilities in Sustainable Communities

California Department of Education Webinar, August 9, 2012
Jeffrey Vincent, PhD

Picture of Center for Cities and Schools, University of California, Berkeley

2. Major Benefits from Past 10+ Years of Investment

Graph of funding sources for California K-12 Facilities, 1998 - 2011

Estimated Total = $118 billion

3. State Funds, 1998 - 2011

Deferred Maintenance Program = $3.1 billion (matched locally)

4. California's K-12 School Facility Facts, 2012
5. Comprehensive Look at Past and Future
6. State by State Policy Review
7. Today's Context
8. State Planning Priorities for Infrastructure
(Government Code, Section 65041.1, originally Assembly Bill 857)

9. California cannot afford to not be strategic: A Shift is needed
10. Why School Facilities Matter
11. California's Invest in K-12 Infrastructure

State General Obligation Bonds for Infrastructure, 1972 - 2006, $178 billion (2007$)

Pie chart:

12.Infrastructure Best Practices Framework
13. Challenges

Varying capacity and mixed, unconnected policies

14. Challenges

Information and trust lacking

15. Challenges

Inadequate and inequitable funding patterns characterize current need

16. Modernization funds fell short
17. Estimating K-12 Capital Needs
18. Estimating Needs

$117 billion to ensure safe, modern, equitable, and sustainable learning environments for all students

Estimated total funding needs for California K-12 facilities 2013-2023

19. Chart of Capital outlay categories and cost of each
20. Challenges

Weak accountability for high-value return

21. Recommendations: Leveraging the State Role
  1. Establish state vision and master plan
  2. Promote local intergovernmental planning
  3. Assemble needed information
  4. Review and update California Code of Regulations, Title 5
  5. Set funding priorities
  6. Establish state funding of capital renewals
  7. Identify multiple revenue sources
  8. Improve public accountability
22. Harnessing Efficiencies and Benefits

Three levers:

  1. Policy reforms
  2. Process innovations
  3. Technology tools
23. Adopt vision and master plan
  1. K-12 on Strategic Growth Council
24. Promote local inter-agency planning
  1. Include K-12 in Senate Bill 375, etc.
  2. Require standards-based local educational agency master plans
  3. Provide guidance for local joint planning
  4. Set minimum green building criteria
  5. Use CEQA strategically
25. Assemble information to be strategic and prioritize
  1. Develop inventory and assessment tool
26. Review and update California Code of Regulations, Title 5
  1. Statewide comparison of schools
  2. Supports sustainable communities
27. Set priorities to remedy inadequate facilities and support new construction
  1. Identify state-level need
  2. Establish criteria for ranking
  3. Bring all schools to minimum level
  4. Develop transparent funding formula
28. Establish capital renewals funding
  1. Shift from reactive to proactive approach
29. Identify multiple revenue sources
  1. Consider statewide special tax
  2. Public/private partnership legislation
  3. Periodic bond use
30. Improve accountability
  1. Produce annual report
  2. Inter-agency information system
  3. School Facilities Program Citizens' Oversight Committee
  4. Maintain Implementation Committee
  5. Streamline approval processes
  6. Support technology tools
31. Center for Cities and Schools, University of California Berkeley

Jeff Vincent, PhD,

32. State by State Policy Review

Chart of all states

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