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Public Law 106-224 [3 of 4]

Nutrition Services Division

To: Public and Private Agencies Participating in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Number: 01-200

Attention: Agency Directors of Child Care Centers and Family Day Care Homes

Date: April 2001

Subject: Public Law 106-224 [3 of 4]

Reference: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) APB: CAC-00-13 and CAC-01-10

This Management Bulletin discusses the parental notification requirement mandated by the Agricultural Risk Protection Act of 2000 (ARPA) or Public Law 106-224. It is the third of four management bulletins that convey the recent changes to the federal law that authorizes the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).

According to ARPA, a child care center or a day care home must inform the parents or guardians of enrolled children that the center or home participates in the CACFP and that the children are entitled to the benefits of the program as a result. To assist sponsors in meeting this requirement, we have enclosed a flier, "Building For the Future" (Attachment A), that provides basic information about the CACFP. The flier is also available in thirteen languages: Spanish, French, Russian, Khmer, Laotian, Hmong, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Haitian, Creole, and Vietnamese. By Spring 2001, the flier will also be available in Korean, Hindi, Urdu, Somali, Serbian, and Croatian.

Sponsors must add their contact information to the bottom left-hand portion of the "Building For the Future" flier (Attachment A) and then distribute it to enrolled centers or day care home providers, as appropriate.

Also enclosed is a letter (Attachment B) from USDA Under Secretary Shirley Watkins. USDA has requested that we ask sponsors of day care homes to distribute this letter to all enrolled providers. Thank you for complying with this request.


  1. USDA "Building for the Future" Flyer - available in hard copy only
  2. Attachment B - available in hard copy only
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Last Reviewed: Monday, October 12, 2015

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