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Revision to the USDA Infant Meal Pattern

Nutrition Services Division

To: Child and Adult Care Food Program Sponsors Serving Infants

Number: 03-212

Attention: Food Program Director

Date: August 2003

Subject: Revision to the United States Department of Agriculture Infant Meal Pattern

Reference: United States Department of Agriculture Policy Memo CACFP 03-08

This Management Bulletin provides a revision to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Infant Meal Pattern that is effective immediately.

Meals that meet USDA Infant Meal Pattern requirements and contain breast milk and/or parent-provided formula as the only required component(s) are now reimbursable when served and fed by the infant's child care provider. This replaces the previous policy stating that meals containing parent-provided formula are reimbursable only when another component is served with the formula. The revised policy recognizes the labor involved in serving meals to infants by child care providers. An updated USDA Infant Meal Pattern is attached and reflects this policy revision.

Breast milk continues to be the best source of nutrition for infants and it provides long-term health benefits. The Nutrition Services Division encourages child care providers to welcome and support mothers who supply breast milk and/or come to breast feed their infants.


USDA Infant Meal Pattern for Child Nutrition Programs at

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