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Procedures for Processor to Processor Transfers

Nutrition Services Division Management Bulletin

To: School Nutrition Program Sponsors, County Superintendents of Schools, Diocesan Superintendents of Schools

Number: 01-405

Attention: Food Service Directors, USDA Commodity Processors

Date: August 2001

Subject: United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Commodity Transfer Procedures for Processor to Processor Transfers

Reference: State of California Master Donated Food Processing Agreement Article 13

This Management Bulletin provides information regarding the requirements for commodity transfers between approved processors as outlined in Article 13 of the State of California's Master Donated Food Processing Agreement.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-donated food cannot be transferred between processors without prior written approval by the Nutrition Services Division (NSD). Schools must take the following steps to transfer USDA-donated food:

  1. Contact the NSD processing consultant to obtain the "USDA-Donated Food Transfer" form (sample attached).
  2. Complete the transfer form, indicating: the food item, quantity, unit, pack date, and condition of the food that will be transferred. This information must be completed for approval.
  3. Complete the agency information section of the form.
  4. Ensure that both processors have completed their respective sections of the form.
  5. Confirm the method of shipping between processors.
  6. Ensure the transfer form is complete, including the signature of each party (the school district, sending processor, and receiving processor) involved; and forward the completed transfer form to the NSD.
  7. The NSD processing consultant will verify inventory records, sign the transfer form, and then forward a copy of the transfer form to all parties involved in the transfer. Food cannot be transferred without prior approval of the NSD processing consultant.
  8. After all parties receive the approved and signed transfer form, the actual physical transfer of the USDA-donated food may take place.
  9. All parties must retain the signed and completed copy of the transfer form to support inventory adjustments related to the transfer.


  1. USDA Donated Food Transfer Form - Sample at
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