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Transferring USDA Foods in the CSFP

Nutrition Services Division Management Bulletin

Purpose: Policy

To: Commodity Supplemental Food Program Local Agencies

Number: NSD-CSFP-01-2012

Attention: Commodity Supplemental Food Program Administrator

Date: August 2012

Subject: Transferring U.S. Department of Agriculture Foods in the Commodity Supplemental Food Program

Reference: Title 7, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 250.13(a)(1)(iii)

This Management Bulletin (MB) outlines the process for transferring U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods into and out of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).

Transfer Requests

Before a transfer request is approved, the CSFP Local Agency (LA) must work with the Nutrition Services Division’s CSFP Coordinator to determine if a transfer is necessary. A transfer will only be approved if CSFP inventory levels at the LA fall below the USDA’s recommended inventory levels and/or if the USDA’s Multi-Food Warehouse is unable to fulfill the LA’s USDA Foods needs.

The CSFP Coordinator will only approve the following types of transfers:

  • Inter-agency Transfer: This is a transfer of USDA Foods between CSFP LAs. The LAs involved must mutually agree to the method for physical movement of the USDA Foods involved and the responsibility for any charges incurred.
  • Intra-agency Transfer: This is a transfer of USDA Foods between the LA’s CSFP and another program operated by the LA, (e.g., the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), pantry programs).

    Please Note: TEFAP transfers must have prior approval from the Department of Social Services TEFAP Coordinator. Additionally, LAs may only transfer USDA Foods from the CSFP into a pantry program.
Transfer Process
  1. Contact the CSFP Coordinator for transfer approval.
  2. If the transfer involves TEFAP, contact the TEFAP Coordinator by e-mail for transfer approval.
  3. Complete and submit the attached transfer form to the CSFP coordinator. The transfer form must be signed by all parties involved before submitting. For your convenience, the transfer form is also available on the California Department of Education Commodity Supplemental Food Program Web page at
  4. The CSFP coordinator will assign a transfer number and send an approved copy of the transfer form to all parties and the TEFAP Coordinator (if applicable) for their records.
Transfer Documentation

To ensure the proper inventory accounting for approved CSFP transfers, both the transferring and receiving LAs must report the USDA Foods as re-donation in/out on the Food and Nutrition Service 153 monthly inventory report during the month the transfer occurred.

If you have any questions regarding this MB, please contact Irene Boubalos, Program Coordinator, by phone at 916-229-3343 or by e-mail at


Food Transfer Form Agency to Agency at

Questions:   Nutrition Services Division | 800-952-5609
Last Reviewed: Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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