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Competitive Food and Beverage Bulletins and Alerts

Links to applicable competitive food and beverage communications distributed by the California Department of Education Nutrition Services Division.


Management Bulletins

SNP-20-2015: Competitive Foods and Beverages: Classifying Smoothies—Revised (Posted Apr-2015)

SNP-15-2015: Repeal of Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (Posted Mar-2015)

SNP-34-2014: Smart Snacks for Exempt Foods When Paired Together (Posted Jan-2014)

SNP-28-2014: Competitive Foods and Beverages: Implementing the Definition of “Sold” (Posted Sep-2014)

SNP-27-2014: Competitive Foods and Beverages: Determining Compliant Beverages (Posted Oct-2014)

SNP-25-2014: Grain Entrées and Exempt Fundraisers Related to the Smart Snacks in School Rule (Posted Aug-2014)

USDA-SNP-18-2011: Competitive Foods and FMNV - Clarification (Posted Aug-2011)

NSD-SNP-03-2010: Definition of K-8 Under Competitive Foods (Posted Aug-2010)

NSD-SNP-01-2010: Competitive Food and Beverage Sales (Posted Apr-2010)

USDA-SNP-06-2009: Aerated Beverages Now Categorized as Soda Water (Posted Feb-2009)

NSD-SNP-08-2008: New State Food and Beverage Sale Regulations (Posted Sep-2008)

MB 06-110: Restrictions on Food and Beverage Sales (Posted Aug-2006)

MB 05-110: Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value (Posted Jun-2005)

Information Alerts

Information Alert: Competitive Beverages (Posted Jul-2009)
NSD-SNP-06-2009: Full Compliance with Competitive Beverage Restrictions

Information Alert: Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value Exemption List (Posted Oct-2008)
USDA-SNP-03-2008: United States Department of Agriculture's Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value Exemption List.

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