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Join the Team

Join the Team....become a Team Nutrition school.

Becoming a Team Nutrition School will help you focus attention on the important role nutritious school meals, nutrition education, and a health-promoting school environment play in helping students learn to enjoy healthy eating and physical activity. It will provide the framework for team efforts by school nutrition staff, teachers, parents, the media, and other community members.

Team Nutrition has three implementation strategies:
  1. Healthy school meals that meet student expectations;
  2. Nutrition education that is fun and focused on behavior;
  3. Support from school administrators, parents, and other community leaders.

All program materials encourage students to make food and physical activity choices for a healthy lifestyle.

They focus on four behavior outcomes:
  1. Eat a variety of foods;
  2. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains;
  3. Eat lower fat foods more often;
  4. Be physically active.
Team Nutrition Schools have these common values:
  1. We believe that children should be empowered to make food and physical activity choices that reflect the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
  2. We believe that good nutrition and physical activity are essential to children's health and educational success.
  3. We believe that school meals that meet the Dietary Guidelines for Americans should taste good and appeal to children.
  4. We believe our programs must build upon the best science, education, communication, and technical resources available.
  5. We believe that school, parent, and community teamwork is essential to encouraging children to make food and physical activity choices for a healthy lifestyle.
  6. We believe that messages to children should be age appropriate and delivered in language they speak, through media they use, in ways that are entertaining and actively involve them in learning.
  7. We believe in focusing on positive messages regarding food and physical activity choices children can make.
  8. We believe it is critical to stimulate and support education and action at the national, state, and local levels to help children develop healthy eating and physical activity behaviors.

As a new Team Nutrition School, you will receive a resource kit (while supplies last) of materials to help you plan and carry out activities for your students and their families. Additional Team Nutrition materials can be purchased from the National Food Service Management Institute (1-800-321-3054). You also have the opportunity to use the Team Nutrition Web page External link opens in new window or tab. , where you can share your success stories and learn what other Team Nutrition Schools are doing.

Print and complete the School Enrollment Form External link opens in new window or tab. (PDF). Then, fax it to 703-305-2879, or mail it to:

Team Nutrition
3101 Park Center Drive, Room 632
Alexandria, VA 22302

At the same time, provide a copy of the enrollment form to your food service director and to the Team Nutrition leader at your state agency.

We look forward to having you join the team!


Questions:   Education and Nutrition Policy Unit | 800-952-5609
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