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Summer Food Service Program Year-round Sites

Nutrition Services Division Management Bulletin

To: Summer Food Service Program Sponsors

Number: 98-710

From: Summer Food Service Program Unit

Date: June 1998

Attention: Authorized Representatives

Subject: Summer Food Service Program Year-round Sites

Reference: All Points Bulletins (APB): SFS-98-14; SA-9-3 GEN

This Management Bulletin provides guidance for sponsors who operate year-round Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) open and enrolled sites. SFSP sites are allowed to operate on a year-round basis to provide meal service to children in low-income areas during periods when a portion of the student body is on a nontraditional vacation break.

Preschool Sites

According to regulations, SFSP sites may not be established solely to serve preschoolers; however, preschoolers may participate at sites established for school-age children.

Open Sites

Year-round, open SFSP sites are open to the entire community and are determined eligible based on area-school or census-track data. Year-round, open SFSP sites may plan and prepare additional meals for children who are "on-track" but are out of school for less than 15 continuous school days because of holidays, suspension, teacher workdays, etc. Sponsors providing meals to on-track students must be able to first determine if adequate resources exist to plan, prepare and obtain site supervision for the additional meals served.

Enrolled Sites

Year-round, enrolled SFSP sites are required to restrict meal service to enrolled preschool children and enrolled off-track students; therefore, enrolled SFSP sites may not serve on-track children who are out of school for less than 15 continuous school days.

School Sites

Schools that operate the year-round SFSP and the National School Lunch/School Breakfast Programs at the same sites must avoid double claiming meals and must ensure that meal counts and costs for each program are kept separate. A different meal service time is recommended for each program as well as the development of a cost allocation plan to properly prorate the overhead and administrative costs for each program.

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