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Meal Service at Non-Camp Sites

Nutrition Services Division Management Bulletin

To: Summer Food Service Program Sponsors

Number: 99-715

From: Summer Food Service Program Unit

Date: May 1999

Attention: Authorized Representatives

Subject: Meal Service at Non-Camp Sites

Reference: USDA APB: SFS-99-15, SA-9-3-GEN, "A Guide To Starting The Summer Food Service Program In Your Community", Management Bulletin 99-708

This Management Bulletin provides clarification from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) regarding the combination of meals allowed at noncamp or nonmigrant Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sites. Most sites are approved to serve lunch and one other meal. However, the enclosed booklet "A Guide To Starting The Summer Food Service Program In Your Community" addresses the possibility of a site providing breakfast and a snack. In addition, USDA has approved sites to serve two snacks each day.

Camps and migrant sites may be approved to serve any combination of meals, up to a maximum of three each day. The following are meal combinations that may be allowed at all other SFSP sites (lunch and supper may not be served at the same site):

One meal a day

Two meals a day
Breakfast and AM snack
Breakfast and lunch
Lunch and snack
Supper and PM snack*
AM and PM snack

Rare Circumstances**
Breakfast and PM snack
Breakfast and supper

* USDA will now allow SFSP sponsors to serve a supper meal under the following conditions:
(1) the meal preparation facilities or staff are not available for a lunch meal service, or
(2) the agency provides late afternoon or evening programs for children.

** This might occur if another source was providing the intervening meal service(s) (e.g., volunteers brought in a lunch which was not claimed for reimbursement), or if the same site provided activity programs for different children/age groups in the morning and afternoon but did not serve a lunch.

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