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School Nutrition Program Information Alerts

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2011 Alerts

Information Alert: Access to Free Water (Posted June-2011)
USDA-SNP-08-2011: Access to free water.

Information Alert: Equity in School Lunch Pricing (Posted Apr-2011)
USDA-SNP-05-2011: Equity in school lunch pricing.

2010 Alerts

Information Alert: Chefs Move to Schools Program (Posted Aug-2010)
USDA-SNP-04-2010: Provides information on First Lady Michelle Obama's recently unveiled "Chefs Move to Schools" program.

2009 Alerts

Information Alert: Competitive Beverages (Posted Jul-2009)
NSD-SNP-06-2009: Full compliance with competitive beverage restrictions.

2008 Alerts

Information Alert: Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value Exemption List (Posted Oct-2008)
USDA-SNP-03-2008: United States Department of Agriculture's foods of minimal nutritional value exemption list.

Information Alert: Mandatory Direct Certification (Posted Jun-2008)
NSD-SNP-05-2008: Mandatory implementation of direct certification in districts of all sizes.

Information Alert: Violation of Labeling Program (Posted Jun-2008)
USDA-SNP-04-2008: Violation of Child Nutrition (CN) labeling program.

2007 Alerts

Information Alert: Violation of Labeling Program (Posted Nov-2007)
USDA-SNP-02-2007: Violation of Child Nutrition (CN) labeling program.

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