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Provision Forms: Claiming Alternatives

Forms for School Nutrition Program Provisions 1, 2, 3, and the Community Eligibility Provision, alternative ways for local educational agencies to claim student meals.

Provisions are methods for reducing paperwork and other administrative burdens at the local level by simplifying the traditional requirements of operating procedures for meal eligibility and meal counting. For further guidance visit the Provisions Web page.

Request to Implement Provision 1, 2, and 3 and/or Request Delayed Implementation (SNP-13) (DOC; Dated May-2011)

Policy Statement Addendum to amend certain provisions and procedures to reflect current practices for schools requesting to participate in Provisions 1, 2, or 3.

Schools must apply to participate in provisions and receive California Department of Education’s (CDE) approval prior to beginning of base year. Delayed Implementation permits schools applying for Provision 2 to charge participating students for reduced-price and paid meals in the first claiming period of the base year. This exception is to assist schools in securing completed free and reduced-price meal applications from households that might not otherwise submit an application if there is no charge for meals.

Request for a Streamlined Base Year Provision 2 (SNP-14) (DOC; Dated May-2011)
This form is used for schools that applied for, and did not receive, an extension to Provision 2.

The school must meet the minimum requirements for use of a streamline base year. In a streamline base year, the school determines program eligibility for a statistically valid sample of either: (1) all enrolled students with access to applicable meal program as of October 31 (enrollment-based), or (2) enrolled students participating in the applicable meal program (participation-based). All children must be offered meals at no charge during a streamlined base year. The CDE has the option to allow and approve the use of a streamline base year.

Provision 2 and 3 Extension Request (SNP-15a) (DOC; Dated Nov-2009)
This form is used for schools with an expiring Provision extension cycle to request continuation.

Provision cycle renewals are not automatic and the school must inform CDE if the school will continue participating in Provisions or revert to standard meal counting and claiming procedures. This form along with SNP-15b must be submitted to CDE.

Provision 2 and 3 Extension Worksheet Using Direct Certification or Meal Applications (SNP-15b) (XLS; Dated Oct-2012)
This form is used for schools using Direct Certification or Meal Applications as the socio-economic data to request an extension.

Provision 2 Claiming Calculation Worksheet (SNP-17) (XLS; Dated Nov-2012)
This form assists schools to track monthly percentages for the base year forward to the end of the Provision cycle.

Provision 2 Calculation Guide (SNP-16) (DOC; Dated Nov-2009)
This guide contains examples of how to calculate monthly, annual, and district-wide claiming percentages.

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