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Single Plan for Student Achievement

Information to help schools improve student academic performance.

Academic achievement of students is the top priority of the education system in California. California Education Code sections 41507, 41572, and 64001 and the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) require each school to consolidate all school plans for programs funded through the Consolidated Application and ESEA Program Improvement into the Single Plan for Student Achievement.

The Department has developed a planning guide, template, and resource index to meet the content requirements for these programs. Use of these documents is entirely voluntary. School districts are invited to review the guide, template, and resource index, which were developed by a committee of school, district, and county office of education practitioners, and Department staff. The guide provides instructions for a continuous development, implementation, and monitoring cycle. Use of the template requires collection and analysis of student performance data, setting priorities for program improvements, rigorous use of effective solution strategies, and ongoing monitoring of results. Together the guide, template, and resource index provide a structured means to improve student academic performance.

SPSA Part I: A Guide for Developing the Single Plan for Student Achievement (DOC; Feb-2014)

SPSA Part II: The Single Plan for Student Achievement Template (DOC; Feb-2014)

SPSA Part III: Resource Index (DOC; Feb-2014)

SPSA Form F: Budget Planning Tool (XLS; Feb-2014)
The SPSA Budget Planning Tool is simple to use, flexible, and informative. It has been designed to assist the School Site Council with projecting the estimated expenditures of their SPSA goals against the school's allocations from the Consolidated Application.

SPSA Form F: Budget Planning Tool SAMPLE Form A (XLS; Feb-2014)
This is a sample that demonstrates what a budgeted SPSA goal might look like in the Budget Planning Tool. This sample utilizes the information from the Sample Form A on pages 2-3 of the SPSA Template.

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