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April 2003 Amended Minutes

AB 312 No Child Left Behind liaison team amended minutes.


California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Room 1101
Sacramento, California

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Members Present

Charles Weis, Chair
Judy Elliott
Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg
Lynette Henley
Michele Howard
Cecelia Mansfield
Robert Manwaring
Bob Nichols
Alice Petrossian
Jai Sookprasert
Senator John Vasconcellos

Alternates Present

Dee Brennick (for Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg)
Cathleen Cox (for Senator Bruce McPherson)
Lee Angela Reid (for Senator Bruce McPherson)
James Wilson (for Senator John Vasconcellos)

Staff to the Liaison Team

Camille Maben
Don Kairott

Call to Order

Chair Chuck Weis called the meeting to order at 9:10 am after it was determined that a quorum was present.

Welcome and Introductions

The Liaison Team welcomed Michele Howard, replacement for Richard Whitmore. She was appointed by State Superintendent Jack O'Connell and was sworn in by the Superintendent before the meeting.

Administration of the Oath for New Appointees and/or Alternates


Approval of the Agenda

Chair Weis reviewed the agenda and revised the order of the topics for discussion and action.

Topics for Discussion and Action
A.  Teacher Qualifications - Highly Qualified Teacher Definition

Senator Vasconcellos and Assemblymember Goldberg discussed their meeting with Congressman George Miller, along with Linda Bond, regarding Assessment of Subject Matter Competence (handouts given).

Approval of Minutes

Chair Weis reviewed the minutes from the March 4, 2003 meeting. Motion was made by Henley and seconded by Nichols to approve the minutes. Motion passed (10-0-0).

Chair's Report

Chair Weis made a presentation to the State Board of Education regarding the actions taken by the Liaison Team during the March meeting. The Board took no actions on Liaison Team recommendations. Chair Weis will not be able to present at the next SBE meeting, therefore, Manwaring will present on behalf of the Chair and Liaison Team.

Public Comment

Chair Weis opened the floor to public comment. No public comment given.

Topics for Discussion and Action

Camille Maben discussed the Accountability Workbook with the US Department of Education and using the California High School Exit exam as a proxy for graduation requirements. To date, no letter has been received from the USDE regarding the findings of the Peer Review.

Chair Weis moved to Item #8, Topics for Discussion and Action.

Topics for Discussion and Action - continued
B.  Paraprofessional Qualifications

Bill Vasey gave a presentation regarding the possibility of using a structured observation process to meet the assessment requirement for determining paraprofessional qualifications. Vasey's recommendation is that California develop and publish guidelines for paraprofessional assessment that would include the options of using specific commercial (widely-used) assessments, structured observations, and interviews.

No action needed from the Liaison Team since this needs to be adopted by SBE. CDE staff will follow-up.


Chair Weis called for a 10-minute break at 10:30 am. Meeting reconvened at 10:45 am.

C.  Items related to the next submission of California's NCLB application due to the U.S. Department of Education on May 1, 2003
Issue 2 - AYP Baseline Data

Wendy Harris gave a presentation regarding California's Consolidated State Application on Evidence of a Single Accountability System (Alignment of State and Federal Systems) - [Consolidated State Application, page 24].

Robert Manwaring gave a presentation on the Integration of State and Federal Accountability Programs (handout given). He suggested keeping the Academic Performance Index (API) in place to measure growth, and build upon the High Priority Schools Grant Program (HPSGP) model at the district level.

Issue 1 - Setting Baseline Targets

Eric Crane gave a presentation regarding California's Consolidated State Application on AYP Baseline Data - [Consolidated State Application, page 9]. Rachel Perry clarified questions from the Liaison Team.

Some Liaison Team members suggested that the state accountability system be simplified using the API (growth-based) and AYP (status) system, and the state - legislative action or not - seek to simplify so that districts can comply.


Chair Weis adjourned for lunch at 11:54 am to reconvene at 1 pm.


Chair Weis reconvened the meeting at 1:05 pm.

Issue 1 - Setting Baseline Targets (continued)

Motion was made by Manwaring and seconded by Nichols to integrate the various state interventions programs. Motion passed (7-0-0).

Motion was made by Nichols and seconded by Mansfield that the Liaison Team recommends that there should be a greater focus on developing capacity at the district-level for school support and interventions. Motion passed (7-0-0).

Motion was made by Manwaring and seconded by Henley suggesting to the SBE to pursue allowing CDE to assign a "best estimate" API for certain schools. Motion passed (9-0, 2 abstentions).

A number of members expressed concern about the star rating, including the use of the term "star," that it will confuse school districts, there will be potential volatility, that it awards the rich and penalizes the poor, and will be difficult to explain to the public-at-large. It was suggested that the term "star" be changed to something else and that the way the API and AYP are integrated should be simplified.

Motion was made by Manwaring and seconded by Mansfield to reduce the level of detail that is currently included in the material that has been developed for the May 1st NCLB Consolidated State Application submission. Motion passed (11-0-0).

Eric Crane gave a presentation regarding California's Consolidated State Application on Setting State Targets - [Consolidated State Application, page 6]. The Liaison Team requested that CDE furnish the cut points for proficient and advanced (for NCLB purposes) on the exit exam, and explain how the accountability procedures will treat a student's CAHSEE score that is both above the proficient cut with modifications.

Issue 4 - Detailed timeline for adopting academic content standards/grade-level expectations in science.

Bill Tarr of CDE gave a presentation about the timeline for establishing grade-level expectations in science.

Issue 8 - Establishing standards and a measurable objective for English proficiency

Jan Mayer gave a presentation regarding Title III accountability issues.

D.  NCLB Data Collection

Nancy Sullivan gave a presentation that in order to comply with NCLB, California must have access to longitudinal pupil data to assess the long-term value of its educational investments and programs, and provide a research basis for improving pupil performance (handout given). Currently, the Department of Finance has not provided spending authority for expanding CSIS. This year, $6.9 million has been earmarked but only $460,000 has been released/approved.

Motion was made by Petrossian and seconded by Elliott to recommend to SBE to support the continued implementation of CSIS. Motion passed (11-0-0).

Any Topics Related to the Implementation of NLCB

Reading First lawsuit was discussed.

Determine Future Agenda Topics/Meeting Dates

June 6
July 8
**No August meeting**
September 8


Chair Weis adjourned the meeting at 2:54 pm.

The next meeting will be May 5, 2003, 9 am to 3 pm, at 1430 N Street, Room 1101, Sacramento, CA.

Questions: Accountability & Improvement Division | | 916-319-0926 
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