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December 2003 Draft Minutes

AB 312 No Child Left Behind Liaison Team Draft Minutes.


California Department of Education
1430 N Street, Room 1101
Sacramento, California

Friday, December 1, 2003

Members Present

Charles Weis, Chair
Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg
Robert Nichols
Alice Petrossian
Cathleen Cox
Lee Angela Reid

Alternates Present

Dee Brennick (for Assemblymember Jackie Goldberg)
Paul Warren (for Robert Manwaring)
Christopher Downing (for Barbara Lockert)

Staff to the Liaison Team

Camille Maben
Diane Levin

Call to Order

Chair Chuck Weis called the meeting to order at 9:05 a.m. after it was determined that a quorum was present.

Approval of the Agenda

Chair Weis reviewed the agenda and changed the order of the topics for discussion and possible action. Motion was made by Henley and seconded by Petrossian to amend the agenda. Motion passed (9-0-2 abstentions by new members).

Approval of Minutes

Motion was made by Petrossian and seconded by Downing to approve minutes from September 8 meeting. Motion passed (8-0-0).

Public Comment

This agenda item is included for the purpose of giving anyone in attendance an opportunity to ask questions or discuss non-agenda items with the committee.

Chair Weis opened the floor to public comment. No public comment at this time.

Report from State Board of Education

Rae Belisle, Executive Director for the State Board of Education, gave an update on the following:

Topics for Discussion and Action
8.1 Report on Phase 2 of Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP)

Bill Padia provided the committee with Phase 2 AYP results. Approximately 900 schools were in the process of correcting data for Phase 2. He also stated that the release of Phase 3 AYP data would take place January 22, 2004.

Padia reported he would be taking a proposal to the January 2004 State Board meeting for releasing AYP and API data together at the end of August.

Motion was made by Petrossian and seconded by Nicholas that "the AB 312 Committee recommends to the State Board of Education that as many of the components of the accountability system (preliminary API, AYP with subgroups, and graduation rate) be released at the end of August." Motion passed unanimously (8-0-0).

8.2 Impact of Subgroups on Schools and Districts

Bill Padia reported on the impact of subgroups on schools and districts. Alice Petrossian wanted to know what impact individual subgroups had on a school making or failing AYP, and she asked for an analysis of the impact.

8.3 Discussion of proposed changes to NCLB State Plan, Accountability Workbook

Padia discussed the proposed modifications to the NCLB workbook along with other AYP issues. Committee asked that Padia return in February meeting to further discuss proposed changes.

8.4 Update Report on AYP Appeal Process

Joe Barankin and Anne Just gave an updated report on the AYP appeal process, and reported that the majority of appeals are based on "participation rate."

8.5 Report on Highly Qualified Teacher and Professional Development

Bill Vasey gave a report on the draft NCLB Teacher Requirements Resource Guide. The regulations approved by SBE in November 2003 went out for 15 day comment and would become final in December if there were no additional comments.

Sue Stickel gave an update on the Reading First plan.

8.6 Report on NCLB and Small and Rural Districts

Barbara Dillmann, Siskiyou County Superintendent, reported to the committee on NCLB implementation issues for small and rural school districts. Superintendent Dillmann recommended that in order to help small school districts implement NCLB, the goal of CDE should be (wherever possible) to reduce administrative costs, paperwork, streamline information, and reduce the duplication of efforts.

Motion made by Linda Gonzales and seconded by Asssemblymember Goldberg that CDE consolidate the LEA plan and the CA Single Plan for Student Achievement for single school districts. Motion passed 8-0-0.

Motion made by Alice Petrosian and seconded by Jackie Goldberg that CDE consider regional or county cooperative plans be allowed to address duplication of effort whenever possible. Motion passed 8-0-0.

Motion made by Assemblymember Goldberg and seconded by Christopher Dowing for CDE to provide staff development for county office and district curriculum staff on acceptable Supplemental Services programs and practices. Motion passed 8-0-0.

8.7 Update on IDEA and How it Relates to NCLB.

Alice Parker was not available for update.


8.8 Intervention and Sanctions - Alignment of State and Federal Program Update

Wendy Harris reported on the 9 principles of the SAIT process and how CDE is working to align the state process with the federal program.


8.9 Primary Language Testing

Geno Flores discussed the need for legislation to implement budget language to develop a primary language test.

A motion was made by Robert Nicholas and seconded by Assemblymember Goldberg that the liaison team urges CDE to submit legislation to implement budget language for AB 1765 (Schedule 11.5) for primary language test development. Motion passed (6 yes - 1 abstention - 1 no).

8.10 Legislative Update

Teri Burns discussed Title VI funds and the Governor proposed bonds on and its' impact of the upcoming school bond measure on the ballot in March.

8.11 Future Meeting Dates and Pending Agenda Items

The Liaison Team placed the following items on the agenda for the next meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 3, 2004, at CDE building, 1430 N Street, Room 1101, Sacramento, California.


Chair Weis adjourned the meeting at 12:25 p.m.

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