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Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan Instructions

Provides instruction on how to accurately complete the Level A, B, and C forms.

Phase One: General Instructions

When completing Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan, ONLY include public schools, DO NOT include charters schools or private schools. Complete one table for each Local Education Agency (LEA). List each non-highly qualified teacher by school, assigned ESEA core subject area, and specify which activities will occur to make each teacher highly qualified. Cluster by school and content area. Insert rows as needed to include all schools in LEA.

Please use this most current version of the Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan (DOC) when completing CMIS process. For specific questions regarding the submission process of CMIS documents please contact:

Judy Sinclair, Education Programs Consultant
California Department of Education
Educator Excellence Office

Step-By-Step Instructions

  • District Name/District CDS Code - Identify the LEA name and LEA CDS Code. The CDS code is the county, district, and school number. The LEA CDS code has 7 characters.

  • School CDE Code - In the column titled school CDS Code, identify the school’s CDS code. The CDS code is the county, district and school number for each school.

  • School Name - In the column titled School Name, identify the name of each school in the LEA.

  • Statewide Educator ID (SEID) - In the column titled SEID identify the Statewide Educator ID (SEID) for each teacher being correlated with the CALPADS course number and course name listed in the column next to each SEID.

  • CALPADS Course Number and Course Name - In the column titled CALPADS Course Number and Course Name identify from the California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) list each corresponding CALPADS Course Number and Course Name.

  • Core Subject - In the column titled Core Subject identify from the CALPADS each core subject that correlates to the CALPADS Course Number and Course Name. In drop down menu please select from list, specific core subject each listed teacher is assigned to.

  • Academic Level - In the column titled Academic Level identify if the school is secondary (grades 9-12), indicate with an (s), middle school (grades 6-8), indicate with a (m), or an elementary school (grades K-5), indicate with  a (e). In drop down menu please select (s) or (e).

  • Grade - In the column titled Grade identify what grade level each school listed serves.

  • HQT Compliance Plan - In the column titled HQT Compliance Plan identify which option the LEA will use to get teachers Highly Qualified Teacher by referring to pages 5 and 6 in the HQT Guide (DOC). In drop down menu please select which option aligns with each teacher listed.

  • Final Completion Date - In the column titled Final Completion Date identify what date your teacher will be highly qualified.

  • Parent Letter Sent (Only Title I schools) - In the column titled Parent letter sent (only Title I schools), this letter is to be sent by schools that receive any federal funds under Title I, Part A. As stated these schools must provide timely notice to the parent of a child who has been assigned to, or has been taught in, a core academic subject for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who does not meet the ESEA teacher requirement (20 USC 6311 [h][6][B][ii]). In drop down menu please select yes or  no.

  • Date Letter Sent - In the column titled Date Letter Sent identify the date the Parent Letter was sent.

  • CLAD or BCLAD - In the column titled CLAD or BCLAD. Identify if the teacher has a Crosscultural Language and Academic Development (CLAD) authorization or a Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) authorization. If the teacher does not have one of these authorizations list none. In drop down menu please select yes or  no.

  • (For Level B only) Board Policy for PIPS, STPS, Interns or Waiver - In column titled Board Policy for PIPS, STPS, Interns or Waiver (Attach Electronic Copy). Identify with corresponding teacher if they are teaching with a Provisional Intern Permit (PIPs), Short-Term Staff Permit (STSPs),  as an Intern or a teacher with waiver. Board Policy should be submitted along with the Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan. In drop down menu please select PIPs, STPSs, Intern, or Waiver.

  • Comments - In the column titled Comments state further explanations if necessary.

Phase Two: Preparation

Once you have completed the Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan please save as a PDF file.

Phase Three: Submission

Submit completed PDF documents electronically to:

Educator Excellence Office
California Department of Education

Questions: Educator Excellence Office | | 916-445-7331 
Last Reviewed: Thursday, January 7, 2016
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