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Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan Instructions

Provides instruction on how to accurately complete the Level A,B, and C form.

Phase One: General Instructions

When completing Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan, ONLY include public schools, DO NOT include charters schools or private schools. Complete one table for each Local Education Agency (LEA). List each non-highly qualified teacher by school, assigned ESEA core subject area, and specify which activities will occur to make each teacher highly qualified. Cluster by school and content area. Insert rows as needed to include all schools in LEA.

Please use this most current version of the Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan (DOC) when completing CMIS process. For specific questions regarding the submission proces of CMIS documents please contact:

Judy Sinclair, Education Programs Consultant
California Department of Education
Title II Leadership Office

Step-By-Step Instructions

Phase Two: Preparation

Once you have completed the Non-Compliant Teacher Action Plan please save as a PDF file.

Phase Three: Submission

Submit completed PDF documents electronically to:

Dylan Gordon, Office Technician
Title II Leadership Office
California Department of Education

Questions: Title II Leadership | | 916-445-7331 
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