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Integrated Pathways and a-g Requirements (as of May 2013).

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) is planning on reviewing current mathematics courses to ensure they align to the CCSSM. However, they do understand this is a time of transition. Any new mathematics course, integrated or traditional, that a district submits must be aligned to the CCSSM. If a district is moving to an integrated pathway, UCOP recommends that districts do NOT remove traditional courses that have been a-g approved UNTIL the new integrated courses have been approved for a-g status. The same is true for existing integrated mathematics courses – if districts are proposing revised integrated mathematics courses based on the CCSSM, they should not remove their existing integrated mathematics courses until the new ones have been a-g approved. This is important because the UCOP wants to make sure that when students apply, the courses are counted towards a-g requirements.

More information is available on the University of California Web site External link opens in new window or tab.. Under the Updating Your Course List, there are dates and deadlines. It is important to note that new courses submitted on or before September 15, 2013, but after August 1, will have NO opportunities to resubmit for the upcoming school year. The amount of time it takes for approval is dependent upon the amount of courses, per subject area, that are submitted within a given time period. The UCOP conducts blind reads, which is why they ask that districts do not include their names within the narrative. If you have questions, please send it to The UCOP said the questions received are tracked so the website could be updated based upon what topics are brought up most frequently.

The UCOP is also working through this transition to the Common Core State Standards and trying to find what works best for districts and our students. The UCOP High School Articulation team is here to help. Questions should be sent to

Questions: Emily Oliva | | 916-319-0198 
Last Reviewed: Thursday, March 12, 2015

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