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June 2012 Minutes

California Environmental Education Interagency Network June 2012 Meeting Minutes.
California Environmental Education Interagency Network Meeting
June 21, 2012, 9:30-11:30 a.m.
California Envioronmental Protection Agency
1001 I Street, Training Room 230, Sacramento CA 94814

Meeting Leader: Donna Pozzi
Note Taker: Kay Antunez


Kay Antunez, Cal Fire
Bryan Ehlers, Cal/EPA
Delanie Farnham, ARB
Nina Gordon, Parks
Annie Kohut Frankel, Coastal Commission
Susan Knadle, OEHHA
Amy Lethbridge, MRCA
Donna Pozzi, Parks
Michelle Robinson, DWR
Rosie Vizina, DFG
Ed Wong, ARB


May 2012 minutes were approved with minor corrections. Kay Antunez to be added to attendees (via conference call). Change comment from “What’s New” regarding Anne’s comment related to CREEC assuming PD for EEI. Should read “There is a discussion of CREEC taking over PD for EEI”.

Guest Speaker

Amy Lethbridge, Deputy Executive Director, Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority. Amy explained that MRCA is a Joint Powers Authority to manage lands with the Santa Monica Mountains owned by the state. She shared information about MRCA programs and initiatives with an emphasis on creating partnerships with underserved communities. Her PowerPoint titled “Breaking Bread and Celebrating – secrets to successful partnerships” was shared and sent to CEEIN members following the meeting by Ed Wong. Elements to MRCA’s success include:

Review of Action Items from May Meeting
Committee Reports:

Administration Committee: Anne Kohut Frankel

Communications Committee: Michelle Robinson, chair

Leadership, Legislation, Diversity Committee: Anne Stephens, chair

Education and the Environment Update

Bryan Ehlers:

What’s New in Your World?

Nina Gordon:

Michelle: Bryan:


This fall, our student, Delanie Farnham, will attend graduate school in Geography at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.




Action Items:
Questions: Anne Stephens | | 916-319-0241 
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