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PAR Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Peer Assistance and Review program.

These frequently asked questions are reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

1. Can PAR funds be carried over to next year?
Yes. However, we recommend that LEAs not practice carrying over funds for a long period of time.

2. What are the other uses for PAR funds?
It is recommended that a district review its PAR agreement for guidance on usage of funds beyond the PAR program. Education Code, Section 44506(b) states that a district receiving PAR funds may use those funds for several other programs, such as:

3. How much can be used for administrative expenses?
Education Code, Section 44503(e) states that not more than 5 percent of the funds received for PAR may be spent for administrative expenses.

4. What are administrative expenses?
District indirect costs (i.e., overhead) clearly are an administrative expense and must be counted against the 5 percent cap, as required by law.

5. How much money will I receive?
Entitlements are always contingent upon the annual budget.

Joint Teacher and Administrator Panel

6. What individuals comprise the PAR Panel?
The majority of the district's PAR Panel shall be composed of certificated classroom teachers chosen to serve on the panel by other certificated classroom teachers. The remaining individuals on the panel shall be school administrators chosen to serve on the panel by the school district.

7. What authority does the PAR Panel have?
California Education Code Section 44502 explains the district's PAR Panel role in the program, which includes its ability to select consulting teachers, review peer review reports prepared by consulting teachers, and make recommendations to the governing board of a school district regarding participants in the program, including forwarding to the governing board the names of individuals who after sustained assistance, are not able to demonstrate satisfactory improvement. Additionally the panel shall annually evaluate the impact of the district's PAR Program and review the program in order to improve it.

8. Does the PAR panel have authority over BTSA or a local induction program?
The PAR Panel has no authority over BTSA or a local induction program.

9. Does the PAR Panel have authority to manage staff development funding, including State or Federal Funding?
The PAR Panel has no authority to manage staff development funding, including State and Federal funding.

Program Contacts
Kelly Heffington,, or 916-323-5846
Lynda Nichols,, or 916-323-5822

Questions: Lynda Nichols | | 916-323-5822 
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