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Conference Calendar Submit Event Form

Thank you for your interest in submitting information for the Conference Calendar of the California Department of Education. Please provide conferences that have a statewide or national audience. The audience may include educators, parents, or students.

Publishing Criteria
We regret that we cannot publish conferences:
Please complete the following online form. Please be sure to enter information in every box. If you have difficulty, please contact Dina Fong; e-mail:; tel. 916-319-0551.

Note: Items submitted for posting may take up to five business days to be placed on the calendar.

Required fields are in marked with an asterisk (*).

* Sponsoring Organization:
Submit only one organization.
Commercial events may not be listed.
* Event name:
Spell out abbreviations or acronyms.
* Beginning date of event:    
Ending date of event:
Please complete if more than one day.
* Location of event:
Include city and state.
* Facility name:
Hotel, convention center, etc. If unknown, list TBA (to be announced).
Contact name:
Identify person to whom questions should be addressed.
* Contact phone number:
Example: 916-xxx-yyyy
Contact e-mail address:
Sponsor URL:
Web site of sponsoring organization.
Include any additional details to help us understand the event. Comments are not displayed on the Web site. (255 character maximum)

Questions:  Dina Fong | | 916-319-0551