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Guiding Strategy 1

Resources, suggestions, and opportunities for local educational agencies for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Systems Implementation Guiding Strategy 1.

CCSS Systems Implementation Guide

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Guiding Strategy 1

Facilitate high quality professional learning opportunities for educators to ensure that every student has access to teachers who are prepared to teach to the levels of rigor and depth required by the CCSS.

Suggestions for Local Educational Agencies

  1. Establish structures for regular, ongoing professional learning in your local educational agency (LEA). To learn more about the features of effective professional development, please review:
  1. Utilize professional learning modules available from the California Department of Education (CDE) and Achieve the Core External link opens in new window or tab. to deepen educator understanding of the CCSS.
  1. Review the grade level curriculum documents, which are organized by individual grade levels (kindergarten through grade eight), to learn more about transitioning to the CCSS.
  1. Review the many resources on the CDE CCSS Mathematics Resources, CCSS English Language Arts Resources, and CCSS Literacy Resources Web pages to identify additional tools to support the professional learning needs of local educators.
  1. Utilize the CDE Professional Development Opportunities Database to identify CCSS-related learning opportunities in your area.
  1. Finally, many instructional leaders have shared that the most valuable professional learning occurs when educators work together to develop curriculum designed to support student attainment of the CCSS. Consider using the resources available in strategy 2 of this implementation guide to facilitate the development of new CCSS-aligned curriculum in your LEA.
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