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Guiding Strategy 3

Resources, suggestions, and opportunities for local educational agencies for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Systems Implementation Guiding Strategy 3.

CCSS Systems Implementation Guide

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Guiding Strategy 3

Develop and transition to CCSS-aligned assessment systems to inform instruction, establish priorities for professional learning, and provide tools for accountability.

Suggestions for Local Educational Agencies

  1. Many elements of the statewide assessment system are currently in transition. To receive bimonthly updates on the transition to a new assessment system as well as information regarding the activities of the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (Smarter Balanced), please subscribe to the California Department of Education (CDE) Smarter Balanced e-mail list. To subscribe, please send a blank e-mail to

  2. Review information about California's new statewide student assessment system established by Assembly Bill 484 External link opens in new window or tab. (Bonilla), which was signed into law on October 2, 2013. Visit the CDE Assembly Bill 484 Questions and Answers Web page for more information.
  1. Review information about the 2014 Smarter Balanced Field Test to be administered in spring 2014.
  1. Utilize the Smarter Balanced Practice Tests to gain experience with the new assessments. 
  1. Review the Smarter Balanced Sample Items and Performance Tasks External link opens in new window or tab. . These tasks illustrate the rigor and complexity of the English language arts (ELA)/Literacy and mathematics items students will encounter on the Smarter Balanced assessments.
  1. Become familiar with the CDE Smarter Balanced Resources Web page. This page includes preliminary test blueprints, initial achievement level descriptors and college content readiness policy, accessibility and accommodation information, presentations, frequently asked questions, and fact sheets.
  1. Visit the CDE CCSS and Special Education Web page to learn more about California’s participation in the National Center and State Collaborative, a collaborative of states that is developing a comprehensive assessment system for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

  2. Use the following tools to assess readiness to implement the Smarter Balanced assessments:
    • The Smarter Balanced Technology Readiness Tool can be used by county, district, and school technology personnel to enter information about the technology available for online assessments at the school-level. 
    • The Smarter Balanced Technology Readiness Calculator is designed to help schools estimate the number of days it will take to administer the Smarter Balanced summative assessments on the basis of the number of students to be tested, the number of computers available, and the number of hours per day that each computer is available during the testing window.
  1. Visit the Smarter Balanced Technology Web page External link opens in new window or tab. to learn more about minimum system requirements.
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