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Guiding Strategy 6

Resources, suggestions, and opportunities for local educational agencies for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Systems Implementation Guiding Strategy 6.

CCSS Systems Implementation Guide

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Guiding Strategy 6

Seek, create, and disseminate resources to support stakeholders as CCSS systems implementation moves forward.

Suggestions for Local Educational Agencies

  1. Review information about the Common Core State Standards Implementation Funds, authorized by Assembly Bill 86, Section 85 (Chapter 48, Statutes of 2013) of the Budget Act of 2013.
  1. Become familiar with the resources available on the CDE CCSS Web pages. Take this short video tour to learn more about how these Web pages are organized.
  1. Review the various funding opportunities currently available on the CDE Funding Web page and subscribe to the CDE Funding and Outside Funding mailing lists to remain apprised of new opportunities as they become available.
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