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2016 Examination Schedule

CA Department of Education Examination Schedule for 2016.

Class Title


Supervisor of Residence Programs, School For The Blind Jan/Feb/Mar
Locksmith I Jan/Feb/Mar
Legislative Representative, Department of Education Jan/Feb/Mar
Stock Clerk Jan/Feb/Mar
Publications Consultant, Department of Education Jan/Feb/Mar
Field Representative, School Administration (Specialist) Apr/May/Jun
Office Services Supervisor II (General) Apr/May/Jun
Business Manager II (CSDR) Apr/May/Jun
Director of Dietetics (CSDF) Apr/May/Jun
Food Services Technician I Jul/Aug/Sep
Cook Specialist II Jul/Aug/Sep
Painter I Oct/Nov/Dec
Transportation Coordinator, Special Schools Oct/Nov/Dec

Continuous Filing - Open Examinations

  • Child Development Consultant
  • Child Nutrition Assistant
  • Child Nutrition Consultant
  • Child Nutrition Supervisor I
  • Child Nutrition Supervisor II
  • Counselor, School for the Blind
  • Counselor, School for the Deaf
  • Education Administrator I
  • Education Administrator II
  • Education Fiscal Services Administrator
  • Education Fiscal Services Consultant
  • Education Programs Assistant
  • Education Programs Consultant
  • Education Research and Evaluation Administrator
  • Education Research and Evaluation Assistant
  • Education Research and Evaluation Consultant
  • Night Attendant, School for the Blind
  • Night Attendant, School for the Deaf
  • Nutrition Education Administrator
  • Nutrition Education Assistant
  • Nutrition Education Consultant
  • Teaching Assistant, School for the Blind
  • Teaching Assistant, School for the Deaf
Questions:   Selection Services Office | | 916-319-0857
Last Reviewed: Friday, February 26, 2016

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